Have you seen ISOframe?

During the past year, all of us at Mark Bric Display have been extremely busy getting everything ready for the worldwide launch of the new ISOframe display system. Formally launched by Mark Bric in late spring, the ISOframe foundation is now solidly in place and ready to play a vital role in your busy fall trade show season.

The new Mark Bric ISOframe systems come in two major styles—ISOframe Wave and ISOframe Compact. We have already had some very impressive success stories with the new systems—from museums to retail applications to traditional trade show exhibits. Now is definitely the time to take a closer look at what it can do for you.Compact_2

ISOframe Compact brings new excitement to Mark Bric dealers in the form of an elegant display system of the custom modular variety—great looks, a full roster of important accessory items including LCD/LED mounts, brochure holders, and connected tables of all shapes and sizes. Compact is available in three distinctive versions—Oval, Flying Oval, and Graphic Wing. See them all at our dedicated product website of www.isoframe.com.

ISOframe Wave is, simply stated, one of a isowavekind—a totally new system that creates the world’s first fully-flexible backwall. Build a display wall of 10 ft., 20 ft., or even longer, then shape it to precisely fit the needs of your exhibit space and your artistic taste. Each panel of an ISOframe Wave can be curved and flexed into an infinite number of shapes, providing an unlimited range of display options from a single exhibit kit—truly a revolutionary advancement in portable displays. See the full details at www.isoframe.com. Watch a quick demo video on our new YouTube channel…click here.

Both ISOframe Wave and ISOframe Compact share a number of extremely helpful design features, including:

√ All front panels are of one consistent width

√ Both systems feature FASTclamp tool-free construction

√ Typical pop-up graphic panels are easy to produce

√ Everything is covered by Mark Bric’s exclusive 10-year warranty

Don’t fail to take advantage of the new ISOframe systems this trade show season, while everything is still new and represents fresh, exciting choices for you and your customers!

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