We ”Exhibit” Customer Service At The Highest Level

At Mark Bric Display, we couldn’t be the company we are without you, the customer.

That’s why we raise the bar and strive to take customer service to the highest level. We don’t just provide you 19894_481457828596504_432178946_nwith a customer service representative, we have “customer advocates” at your service.


As customer advocates, our service team strives to provide you with as much assistance as you may need no matter when, where, or how. We are your face behind the scenes here at Mark Bric Display. Whether it be a question, comment, or concern, our team is just a phone call or email away.


We have all made those calls to a customer service center where you’re asked to leave your name and number and a recording tells you, “We’ll have someone get back to you.” The problem is, sometimes you don’t hear from them for a week or more. It is our goal to connect with you in a prompt and timely manner. You will talk with one of our friendly customer service representatives, Anita, Pam, or Kelli and you can tell they always have a smile on their face and are happy to help.


Let’s be honest. Mistakes happen, we are all human.


While we try our absolute best to make your order perfect, there may be a time when an order is incorrect. We understand how frustrating that may be. Our customer service representative put themselves in your shoes and work to fix any mistakes as soon as they are presented. They are there to listen about any problems you may have and “exhibit” advice, counsel, or a solution. As advocates, they are working for you to correct any problems as quickly as possible.


We thank you for your business and are happy to listen to you. Providing the best customer service experience for you is our goal. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us at markbric@markbric.com or 1-800-Pic-Mark.


We are here for you.

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