July Dealer of the Month: Mediagraphics Inc.

mediagraphicsWe are thrilled to announce this month’s Dealer of the Month: Mediagraphics Inc., located in Clifton, New Jersey.

Mediagraphics Inc. is a full service, graphics service bureau established in 1988 by Marge Offutt. The company is considered a pioneer in large format printing and set the standard for state of the art displays. Mediagraphics shares our values in quality and customer service and on a daily basis they produce and ship time sensitive packages all over the US and internationally.

Marge & Jim Offutt have been loyal Mark Bric Display dealers since 1995.

They recently completed a great custom size ISOframe Wave unit for a large insurance company. The display system was for the stickers campaign, recently promoted through the media with recent TV commercials and has gone viral via social media. Mediagraphics’ cool display has already been used in multiple meetings and seminars with great success!

The ISOframe Wave products are considered the world’s first fully flexible display system. The product was launched in the UK in 2009 and became an instant bestseller. The ISOframe Wave allows exhibitors to custom-shape, extend or reduce the exhibit wall as needed at each venue. We are so proud because recently, the ISOframe Wave was chosen by Wide-Format Imaging magazine as the 2013 Top Product in the Banner Stands/Portable Displays’ category. It is such an honor to be recognized by their readers!

We are extremely appreciative for loyal partners like Mediagraphics and want to thank them for their continued dedication to our industry.

If you also have displays that you would like to share we’d love to brag about them too! Upload pictures and descriptions here and we will post them to our Pinterest Page.

Thanks again Mediagraphics!

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