August Dealer of the Month: GDS

GDSIt’s that time of the month again where we recognize one of our best customers! For August, we are excited to announce that our “Dealer of the Month” is GDS Retail and Display Graphics, of Bloomington, IL.

GDS has been an expert in the large digital print industry since being formed by Harvey Meister in 1997. The company has been “digital since day one” and believes that paying attention to small details yields the biggest results. GDS is currently capable of printing roll-to-roll or direct to substrate using a variety of best-in-class print devices. Supporting finishing services include cutting, coating, assembly, kitting, and shipping.

Since 2005, GDS has been a loyal customer of Mark Bric Display. The company offers many of Mark Bric Display’s products for their client’s needs and has been a fan of the ISOframe Wave display system since its launch in 2011.

The ISOframe is a new unique aluminum display and exhibition system that can be quickly and easily assembled. This product is also the world’s first fully flexible portable display system, which can be custom-flexed and shaped for different venues, booth sizes and spaces. Wide-Format Imaging magazine recognized the ISOframe as one of its 2013 Top Products.

We are extremely grateful to GDS Retail and Display Graphics for being a loyal customer for eight years!

Thanks again GDS!

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