Fabric? Stretch Your Comfort Zone!


Fabric? Stretch Your Comfort Zone!

Maybe you have heard the term SEG fabric and shrugged it off because you are content with the quality and type of graphics you have always been using or maybe you just didn’t have any visuals to help this terminology stick. Mark Bric Display would like to introduce you to the beauty and versatility of fabric and SEG (silicone edged graphic) fabric displays available for any venue. We have banners, wall mounted and hanging retail signage as well as light boxes and larger format trade show displays.

In addition to the alluring museum quality graphic clarity, fabric in general can have many benefits over traditional substrate options. For starters, fabric has great color saturation, is eco-friendly, lightweight, durable, and is considered low maintenance.

When used as a SEG, which means that there is a thin silicone beading sewn around the edge so the fabric can be pulled taught and the silicone beading tucked into an unobtrusive framework, fabric appears to have edgeless dimensions, simulates the look of a more rigid substrate, and is free of unsightly glare issues that arise from face sheets required to protect traditional graphics. Eliminating the glare is a plus in both the retail environment and in the trade show realm where ambient light is unpredictable and attacks from all directions.

Fabric can be washed for cleaning and even steamed to freshen as needed. Since it can be folded, storage becomes easy and space efficient. Since it is lightweight, fabric means easy and cost effective transport, as well as less stress with no worries about damaging, dings, creases or dog ears either!

Fabric provides excellent return on investment. In an article entitled, Benefits and Challenges of Using Fabric in Digital Printing, the Fabric Graphics Association puts it this way, “Using fabric as a substrate on a display or banner typically reduces the overall weight of the graphic, which lowers shipping costs and improves ease of handling. In addition, using fabric increases the re-usability of the graphic and generally enhances the appearance of the finished graphic. Even if the initial cost of a fabric banner is more than other products, the return on investment is greater because of the longevity and elegance of the fabric project.”

Fabric is versatile and impactful. If you have never tested anything but standard substrates, now is a good time to venture out and try something new. Mark Bric Display would love to help find the right fabric fit for you! We have options for all types of venues and applications, from small signs and banners to enormous wall mounts, lightboxes and 3-D trade show environments. Call 800-742-6275 today and let us help! Still not convinced, stay tuned, next week we will feature more fabric choices to help STRETCH your imagination.

*The signage in pictures marked with an asterisk was not printed by Mark Bric; however, if you are interested in using this type of large fabric graphics in your retail environment or in your trade show exhibits, please contact us at 800-742-6275 and we will get you started right away!

– By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display

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