8 Tips to Get Graphics Right: RGB, CMYK and PMS – Here is Your Primer!

paint can colors

8 Tips to get Graphics Right: RGB, CMYK and PMS – Here is Your Primer!

The early 90’s were all about Color Me Badd but at Mark Bric Display we want to “color you good” (or, well, for the grammar police in you)!

As I mentioned last week, on the advice of our graphics guru, Ron Sprouse, there are a few things you need to understand about color if you are trying to put together trade show displays or other graphic promotions. Ron’s Tip 3 was this: “Understand Color Spaces and the Use of Pantone Spot Colors”. To understand what he means, I recommend reading the attached article because it does a beautiful job in explaining and teaching the rudiments and differences between RGB, CYMK, and spot color. It also builds a good foundation for understanding color lingo and for learning to ask the right questions of the graphics person with whom you are teaming to produce your exhibits and displays. I hope after reading this you will give Mark Bric Display a call so we can help you with your next project!


And in case you are wondering….my favorite color is PMS 2915 blue in the spring, PMS 2665 purple in the summer and PMS369 green in the winter time. I will let you pick the fall color this time.


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