Everything Old is New Again!


You may not want to believe that chunky heels, shoulder pads and reflective sunglasses are back, but they are. The 80s have a way of sticking with us! Everything old is new again! That includes Flexiframe, our longest running display system. You may recall that in 1985 Mark Bric introduced Flexiframe, a light weight, inexpensive, and extremely versatile frame and display system to the retail markets for both signage and display needs. This marked the start of Mark Bric Display, a new line of business within the Mark Bric group. Since then, the product line has expanded and is viable not only for retail and POP displays but also for roadshows, tradeshows, exhibits and in both commercial and non-profit venues. Unlike the aforementioned fashion trends, FLEXIFRAME has never gone into hiding, taken a break, or fell out fell out of style.


Check out this recently created custom Flexiframe exhibit for Dekra (Spain), one of the world’s leading companies for product testing and certifications. In this exhibit, ideal for a 10’ x 20’ trade show exhibit space, notice several unique features: a corner tower, 3 attached counters with “hide-it” front entry access to hidden shelves which add work surfaces, storage and extra stability, and an elegant SnapUp MidiReception counter. With the addition of product and service focused rigid panel graphics, Dekra’s FLEXIFRAME display is trade show ready. Marie Antoinette once said, “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” So, if you have forgotten all the wonderful things you can do with Flexiframe, consider this to be a new discovery and enjoy it all over again.

Flexiframe can be used for anything ranging from simple signage to intricate displays. If you haven’t given it a look in a while have a #throwbackthursday or #waybackwednesday moment and check it out. Need more ideas? See www.markbricdisplay.com .You can also check out ISOframe, one of our other popular display systems that we believe will follow in the footsteps of FLEXIFRAME and stand the test of time and be around 30 years from now too!


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