Mark Bric Display Announces New Look for More User-Friendly Website!


It is my pleasure to announce the newer and more user-friendly version of the Mark Bric Display site which features our full array of products including our most recent exhibit and display family,  ISOframe. Our striking, flexible, portable and affordable display solutions range from single banners  and light boxes all the way through to custom exhibits and displays in a variety of printed graphic mediums including SEG Fabric. This new site allows you to ask us questions, arrange free design consultations and start the 3-D exhibit design rendering process all with a few simple clicks.


Did you know that there were no websites prior to 1991? It’ true! The first website that ever existed appeared in August of 1991 (see stats here ). By 1994, there were a total of 2, 738. That year marked the biggest percentage increase to date in total number of existing websites. Today, there are quite a few more…the one billion mark was reported to have been reached in 2014. These statistics are unfathomable for anyone with a birthdate post 1986 to comprehend. For young folks, realizing something so common was not even in existence less than 30 years ago boggles (or dare I say Googles!) their technology savvy minds.


When I first started working with Mark Bric Display way back in 1994, I was charged with helping “design” Mark Bric Display’s first web site at . I was proud to sketch out by hand on graph paper what elements should go where and what products should be included in the online space we had allocated.  I hunted through printed photos, slides and a then technology forward CD-ROM to find the right pictures and coordinated photo shoots for product photos that we didn’t have on file. I worked with coders to ensure everything we wanted could be done. It was an intensive process.

Fast forward to today where having a website is a prerequisite to doing business of any kind, whether it be Business-to-Consumer or Business–Business. I might add that not only is having a website a necessity, but it also behooves you to have an active social media presence.  Good thing that these days it is much simpler and faster as far as getting a website up and running… seriously, there are middle school children playing around with HTML code and using programs and apps to create their very own websites. Technology and its accessibility has come a long way in a short time! The Mark Bric Display product offerings and website have also evolved over time and we think you are going to enjoy the changes.

We cannot wait for you to check out the new site! Please visit today to see all of our upgrades and changes. You will find photo galleries to get your creative juices flowing, videos to show you how easy-to-use our products are, lists of features and benefits, as well as graphic templates and technical spec sheets to ensure it all comes together. If you already know you need help with a current project, you can jump straight to our helpful Contact Us page by clicking here or you can call 800-742-6275. We look forward to hearing your feedback regarding the new site format and how we can be of service to you.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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