One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams.  Kevin Costner stars as a man who owns a farm and hears a mysterious voice saying, “If you build it, he will come”. To make a great movie very short, and to not give away too many plot spoiling details, suffice it to say that Costner ends up obeying the voice and builds a baseball diamond in a section of the cornfield behind his farm house. Then, mysteriously at night, under the lights, ball players from the past emerge from the surrounding cornfield and play nightly games of baseball.


Unfortunately, trade show exhibits are not like that. If you build it, trade show attendees don’t magically visit your booth. Now attendees will be at the show but don’t expect them to automatically gravitate to you! Like in the movie where there is an unseen barrier between corn field and the ball diamond’s outfield, there is also a barrier between the trade show aisles and your exhibit space.

The barrier breaking magic you have to create in order for your prospects to enter your booth space is called ENGAGEMENT. The foundational level of this necessary step goes all the way back to your strategies and objectives. Know your focus. Know what it is you are trying to accomplish at the show (beyond the obvious of “get more customers/make more sales”). Think about how you can grab the attention of show attendees. What can you do in your booth space, in the construction of the display itself, that is going to make people stop in their tracks and cross the threshold from aisle carpet to your exhibit space?


One of the best ways to engage with the potential customer audience is with graphics – bold, large graphics. Exhibits heavy on text do not usually beckon like mythical Sirens, so consider making the investment in the quality, crisp, clean, and relatable graphic design needed to achieve the look. Another high engagement tip: consider backlit graphic light boxes or one or more audio visual screens.    Be sure that whatever you choose will stop visitors in their tracks and make them reconsider even their need to eat right then. Make them stop at your booth instead of moving on. Hopefully, if they see your exhibit they will forget about being hungry and decide it is worth checking out right then and there.

Other tiers of engagement to consider are pre-show promotion, at show entertainment, giveaways, or interactive stations. There are many ways to build excitement prior, during and even after a show that will get your customer beyond just glancing around your booth. Hopefully your exhibit will promote and provoke potential clients to ask questions of your exhibit staff; then your staff can inform an already engaged lead and move them further along in the sales process.

This sound so easy, but without a quality display the foundational tools to accomplish this don’t exist. Are you ready to start engaging your customers? Let us help you from the ground up. With ISOframe exhibit systems, based on your individual goals and needs, we can create an engaging exhibit in no time. ISOframe can incorporate museum quality graphics that are seamless and durable (yes, this includes dye-sub fabric), backlit light boxes, and large audio visual screens that are eye-level or even mounted on towers above the crowd. ISOframe Custom exhibit system can be designed to incorporate secure storage spaces, private meeting rooms, and product display areas such as counters, shelves and slatwall. If you can envision it, we can build it. When we build it, they will come!

Contact us today via phone at 800-742-6275 or online via http://www.isoframeexhibits.com/contact-us/ and we can get started discussing how to properly engage your customers and create a free full color 3-D exhibit rendering for you.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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