Banners Are Better

I am ashamed to say it, but I went to a fast food place for dinner the other evening. Yes, I know, shame on me. I am aware that the current trend is for clean eating…you know, gluten free, dye free, msg free and everything else “free” about the food except for the price tag!

As I tried to decide on what to order the sign board quickly morphed into a new image. I am not really a slow reader, but I was not through reading the signage when it “flipped” or “pixelated” or “faded” to the next screen full of menu choices, calorie listings and price info. Then, before I could finish reading that screen, it changed yet again. Slightly frustrated and not wanting to wait for the screen I needed to cycle back around and then try to find the place where I left off and, in addition, not feeling in the mood to endure icy stares from those waiting behind me in line, I placed an order with my standard go to dollar menu item selections just hoping they were still valid options.

What this establishment probably didn’t realize is that the continuously changing signage may have cost them a sale on a higher priced item. I guess the chain feels like it has arrived with its digital signage and a plethora of menu choices attempting to satisfy the gamut of diverse pallets that stroll through the establishment doors.

When it comes to restaurant, retail and trade show marketing, sometimes more, or more “modern”, is not always better. Electronic signs are trendy and do grab your attention. But not everyone likes them, or can read as fast as you think they can, especially if your messages tend to be too long. Not every campaign needs to have three rotating “spots”.  Sometimes static signage, such as an attractive banner stand, can be more effective and just what you, and your customers, need.


Digital signage used to attract attention right away just by virtue of the fact that it was different – the medium itself was in the minority. Now, it seems like everything is digital – even supersized billboards have gone digital (Not sure I am a fan of these either as they tend to distract me while driving because I am waiting to see what is next and not looking ahead to potential road hazards). Consider the impact an impressive static graphic and a few strategically selected words can make at your next trade show or during your next in-store sales promotion. I’d rather see a clear and informative sign telling me that jeans are 40% than rotating images that leave me wasting my time and energy wondering if the picture that flashed by too quickly was sweaters, fuzzy socks or kittens.

Now, I know the devil’s advocates out there are screaming by now, “but the research says…”. I am not arguing that there is data to support digital signage usage across many markets. I am just alternatively asking you to consider that there is still a time, a place and a need for traditional static signage and for the good old retractable banner stand! In case you haven’t taken the time to look lately, banner stands can be quite attractive – they even come in a dye-sub fabric graphic format that will have you swearing that the museum quality image in front of you is 3-d and live (cue the fuzzy kittens)!


If you have a trade show coming up and have promotional messages that need to stand out from the rest of your exhibit, or if you are in a retail environment and have sales promotions you need seen, Mark Bric Display has both tension and retractable banner stands that are affordable, durable, and generally won’t frustrate your intended audience. We can also recommend using banner stands as menu pricing signage too – wink, wink…no really.

Banner stands are not obsolete and they are not a second class sign. Give them a test run and see that banners in classy retractable banner stands are considered effective in multiple venues, for multiple markets and not just by small retailers, big name folks use banners too (see below).


Want to see some banner stand options for your upcoming projects? Start here: and if we can assist you please call 800-742-6275.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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