NUDOne of my favorite things to see in a trade show display is the use of textures. One great way to achieve the textured look without adding extreme material fees to your trade show exhibit budget is to choose a fabric exhibit. You want the look of recycled barn wood, brick or castle stones but want it to weigh no more than a set of bed sheets? No problem! Go with a dye-sub printed SEG fabric exhibit option. It is truly amazing what you can create by using a lightweight, aluminum, framework and high quality graphics printed onto stretchable fabric. Did I mention that you can go ten feet high and yard upon yards long without seeing a single seam or wrinkle?

Fabric exhibits have really taken off within the trade show industry because fabric really is quite the perfect medium with which to create an exhibit. Exhibitor online put it this way, “Given the popularity of fabric exhibit structures, they border on “traditional” exhibitry these days. But the versatility and capabilities of fabric make it an ideal solution. In addition to being lightweight and easy to pack, ship, and install, tensioned-fabric structures… provide the perfect canvas for bold graphics and lighting.” For more see: http://www.exhibitoronline.com/topics/article.asp?ID=1268

Fabric systems like the ISOframe fabric, are easy to assemble options that are portable and lightweight. ISOframe’s tool-free, fast-clamp system makes assembly much quicker than using traditional fabric system screws and keys. The flexibility of ISOframe fabric system allows for ceilings, doors, media screens, and even meeting rooms to increase functionality. Not only is the fabric lightweight but it folds down into a small space which not only reduces shipping cost via weight, but reduces your storage footprint too.mobil_shcAs for creative options you can consider using a fabric exhibit wall as a projection screen or a light box. Both are value added options that become extremely cost effective with the medium. ISOframe fabric provides the perfect canvas for your trade show creativity. We can get your masterpiece started today when you contact us online or via phone at 800-742-6275. Need more examples of tool-free creative fabric exhibits? Check out the photo gallery here: http://www.isoframeexhibits.com/exhibit-displays/fabric/ and view this video on ISOframe fabric’s quick and easy assembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1WMNqtCnzA

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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