5 Trade Show “Thankful for” Things

Since it is November and the Thanksgiving holiday is ever near, here are some things that should be on your “grateful for” list. If you find that they are not, please give us a call; it would be our pleasure to make sure they are on your list before next Thanksgiving…and more importantly before your next trade show.


1 – You enjoy tool free set-up and not having to employ show laborers.

With Mark Bric ISOframe exhibit systems the fast clamp system allows for virtually tool free set-up (occasionally some folks feel the need to use a level). You can set up most any display quickly which saves you time, money and removes that general feeling of frustration which often follows other exhibit system set-up. An added benefit is that tear down is usually so quick you are rolling out of the show hall before the neighboring booth even gets their ladder and labor.


2 – Your trade show exhibit shipping cases arrive on time and undamaged (wait… that is two things).

If this is not true for you, next time you are in the market for an exhibit, consider ISOframe. ISOframe exhibit systems break down into smaller components that fit neatly into our easy to move, easy to ship, durable plastic carrying cases. Most units, unless highly customized, use standard cases that we have in stock – no heavy, costly custom-built wooden crates needed.


3 –  Storing your graphics is easier than folding a fitted bed sheet.

All of the ISOframe system graphics are easy to handle, both pre and post show. Most of them roll neatly into one of our carrying cases, some however, are even easier! Our ISOframe fabric graphics are wrinkle resistant and can be folded to fit almost anywhere! Trust me, I’ve folded them and they are much easier to fold than any origami paper animal or even a fitted bed sheet (but if you need help with that here is a great life hack link).


4 – Your shipping and drayage bill comes in under budget!

We did mention that ISOframe is built from a durable and strong yet lightweight aluminum extrusion, right? Lighter weight means lower cost in all aspects of shipping and handling; think about it…shipping from us to you initially and then from show to show and back to your warehouse…it’s exponential. Plus, go back and review the explanation for number 2. Exhibit weight reduction and ease of transportation can shave hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars, off your shipping and drayage expenses.


5 – You only had to deal with one vendor for your exhibit design, construction, and installation.

Mark Bric Display not only has exhibit products but we offer free custom exhibit design and 3-d rendering services – work with our designers to ensure your vision becomes reality. We even print graphics in house so you do not have to shop around hoping a third party print shop can create graphics to fit your exhibit properly – we ensure that every set of graphics matches up perfectly before we ever ship an exhibit to you, it is all part of our quality guarantee. Wait, it gets even better…Mark Bric also offers set-up and installation services should you choose to have your staff not have to worry about it. This allows you to keep your staff in the field longer and to be fresh and ready to go with more energy on active show days.

It should be easy for everyone participating in trade shows to be thankful for these things. If you are in a spot where you are currently not experiencing these “thankful for” items with your trade show exhibit and display program…call 800-742-6275 right away and we will get you back to a state of thankful bliss in no time.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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