Why Soft Signage?

Why Soft Signage?


Before answering the WHY and extolling the virtues of soft-signage, let’s start with WHAT is soft signage?

Soft signage, according to Printing News/Wide-Format & Signage’s definition in the article entitled Serving Up Soft Signage, is “display graphics printed on a textile based substrate”. Soft signage can include things of all shapes and sizes: outdoor feather flags, retractable banners, mounted or stand-alone retail signage, backlit light boxes, pop-up displays and even larger custom trade show exhibits.


Why should you consider soft signage for your trade show and retail display programs? Here are a few reasons:

Ease of Transportation – Soft signage made from quality fabrics are wrinkle resistant and light weight. They are easy to fold, package, and ship.

Lower Shipping Costs – Smaller and lighter packaging means less expense in shipping. If we are talking trade-shows this also means lower drayage expenses in the show hall as well since larger crates won’t be needed and the lower weight is an advantage in that cost structure too.

Ease & Lower Cost of Installation – Again, because of the lower weight, less, if any, equipment is needed to install fabric signage and displays. Less hired labor is needed at a trade show and often in the retail environment because the fabric elements are so easy to assemble, move and lift.  Silicone Edged Graphic (SEG) signage can be installed and changed out by store employees with ease. Fabric trade show exhibits are often as simple as stretching fabric over a pop-up frame, sliding a zippered pillowcase over a tube structure, or sliding a slim silicone edging into a lightweight aluminum track which means an entire 10×10 exhibit, or larger, can be installed by just one person! Click here for a video example of just how easy it can be.

Environmental Benefits – With the current push for all corporate entities to improve their environmental footprints, soft signage is often more advantageous than other less durable, and less recyclable options. Many soft-signage vendors are already actively seeking substrates, inks and processes that are environmentally conscientious.


In the Serving Up Soft Signage article, Andy Arkin, Director of Integration for Next Wave Digital Textile Solutions, lauds SEG options. He raves, “SEG is becoming one of the most popular products on the planet. It’s fairly low-cost to produce, low-cost to ship, and can be installed by someone who doesn’t require a lot of training.”


Interested in saving time, money and energy all while leaving a positive environmental legacy? Look into Mark Bric Display’s soft signage options. Our ISOframe display family includes ISOframe fabric which encompasses trade show displays, retail signage (both mounted and free standing), as well as backlit light boxes in almost unlimited sizes that are sure to be an enhancement to your sales and marketing programs both at trade shows and in retail environments. Not sure where to start? Call us at 800-742-6275 or contact us here.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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