Lower the Risk of Freight Fret & Shipping Snafus

hand-truck-564242_1920Not sure what your December was like, but perhaps it was like mine. In addition to Christmas lights and carols, cocoa and cookies, it was accentuated by the pum rum pa pum pum and thumps of packages being dropped, all too often literally, on the front porch.

With work and the extra-curricular activities of three teens, two in high school and one in college, my family’s time to physically run around town and shop was extremely limited; so naturally, we took to shopping on-line and tried to take advantage of all the holiday free shipping deals. Thank you Amazon Prime!

The season wasn’t without a few shipping snafus resulting from relatives with rural addresses and improper carrier selections; incidentally, both of these factors were beyond my control. Good thing those particular packages had a week long buffer planned in so that they’d arrive before my niece and nephew awoke bleary eyed and ready to unwrap their gifts on Christmas morning! When it comes to shipping, what should be simple and worry free…isn’t always that way.

I have found this to be true even more so within the trade show and exhibit industry. The complexities of properly cased, crated, and shipped trade show displays and exhibits can sometimes be overwhelming. Navigating perfect delivery schedules and methods can tax anyone’s patience even with the best of virtual trade show binder instructions. Cue anxiety due to freight fret!

To assist with your exhibiting agenda, with grand hopes that it will start off smoothly, I thought I would pass along this link to Exhibitor Magazine’s article by Candy Adams entitled Checking the Right Boxes” as a helpful and pre-emptive bit of advice for your shipping endeavors in this new year.

Take a moment and read it here: http://www.exhibitoronline.com/topics/article.asp?ID=2259&email=stacy.poole@markbric.com&s=3990Afb&utm_source=MarkA&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=3990&utm_term=fb&utm_content=A

In the world of trade shows, displays, exhibit halls and shipping, what should be simple often isn’t. It is for this reason many companies choose to let third parties handle this aspect of trade show exhibiting for them. If you would prefer to alleviate shipping headaches before they start, delegate this responsibility to us!


Mark Bric Display offers store and ship services with our ISOframe exhibits. Who better to handle shipping your exhibit than the exhibit manufacturer! The service allows you to focus your time and energy on show selection and on sales and marketing strategies – not the minutia of transportation. This way you have peace of mind that your exhibit will arrive on time and will be show ready. Customers who utilize Mark Bric’s ship and store service know we set up each ISOframe exhibit prior to shipping to the show to ensure all is in order; this includes a check to ensure graphics are pristine and that all is packed in an orderly and easy to re-setup fashion. When your exhibit returns, we do it all again to ensure each piece has made it back to the warehouse; this eliminates any surprises before your next show. Meanwhile, you are already working to turn all the leads you garnered at the show into sales! Interested in knowing more about our exhibit logistics service offerings? Give us a call 800-742-6275 or contact us here: http://www.isoframeexhibits.com/contact-us/


– By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.

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