Museums don’t have to be Smithsonian, the Louvre, or the Guggenheim to need wayfinding, informational, and exhibit complementing signage. Signage itself, if done correctly, can also be considered a work of art. If you are one of our sign providing dealers or clients, do not overlook the vertical market of museums. This vertical target market has a wealth of new prospects who could potentially use various Mark Bric Display brands specifically for signage and exhibits.


Every community, even in the smallest town, has some type of museum or historical society. Did you know there are museums from everything from cheese to yo-yos? Right here in Richmond, according to a quick search on , we have 61 museums and historical societies! That’s more than one for each week of the year. Extrapolate the numbers to include your own locality, widen to your state and you have an entire set of prospects who can use your assistance and expertise in selecting the right signage and display materials from the Mark Bric and ISOframe family of products to accomplish their association and exhibit goals for the year.


The membership list for the Virginia Association of Museums boasts a membership list of over 2000 which includes historic houses, botanical gardens, aquariums, zoos, art museums and galleries as well as military museums and collections. Have you checked out your local directories to see what hidden museum gems you might have overlooked? There might be a harmonica collection waiting to be announced in need of a banner stand or an ice cream exhibit tucked into a corner of your very own town that could really use a curved ISObar counter! If you haven’t noticed that banana exhibit before…well, that is a sure sign that they need some signage. Perhaps a banner stand to get them started? That might appeal to them.

Mark Bric can recommend some great More-expo outdoor signage products that will work splendidly for gallery openings and select special events. We also offer a plethora of banner stand and banner options. If you are fortunate to have a medium to larger size museum near you, don’t neglect some suggestive selling to outfit their gift shop as well. Don’t forget to stay abreast of seasonal, traveling and rotating exhibits as this could mean repeat business throughout the year.

Our ISOframe products are an excellent fit for exhibits of this nature; check out the timeline display photos below:

As with any vertical market sales pitch, cater your message to meet specific needs of the museum with whom you are meeting. Hand select a few products and demonstrate applications to the museum within their specific environment. Big or small, museums need signage and displays; so, let’s seek them out and get Mark Bric Display products on their radar.

At the very least, take an active role in encouraging museums in your local area to look at our updated websites and .


 – By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.

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