I don’t think there is anyone out there who would say, “No thank you. I do not need any more clients”. If that is you, please call me and tell me all your success secrets. Certainly, coaxing repeat sales from existing clients sure is easier than cultivating new business. The age old challenge has been, “How and where do we get new clients?”

Recently, an article in Big Picture magazine served as an excellent reminder that one way to attract the interest of potential clients is to increase your content output. This particular article was geared toward the sales of digital signage, but it has several key take-aways that transcend product and service type. If you have been around the block a few times (or even just once) some of these ideas won’t be new to you, but they are still a good primer on foundational efforts that will make a difference in your current customer base and future growth. If you have not taken inventory of your efforts lately, now is a good time to do so.


Do you have a presence on social media?

This is a must in today’s day and age. On-line is the first place customers go to locate resources and solutions to needs.

Are you publishing content?

You need to if you expect to establish your company as an industry authority and as a trusted partner.

Does your business have a blog?

It should. If you need more convincing, click here.

Are you creating case studies?

Start with successful client relationships and focus on particular projects that are unique or have an aspect of excellent customer service, a unique product feature or an interesting story to tell? Start gathering pictures and details today. Collaborate with those clients and use the case study as a joint publicity opportunity.

Have you considered creating an e-book?

An informational e-book is an easy way to distribute helpful content to a few particular niche markets that you service. You can offer these targeted e-books via email or through your website and social media outlets.


What do your sales presentations look like? Are they all cookie cutter clones? Are they too generic?

Don’t neglect tailoring sales presentations. As any seasoned sales person can tell you, personalizing demos and pitches is a must. This, of course, requires research and significant time investment on your part. The more you strive to know and understand your customers, their businesses and their challenges, the more you will establish yourself and your company as a go to resource for projects when they do have a need. It is all about creating value.

Have you targeted any markets?

Research relevant niche markets. If you produce exhibits and displays or are a sign provider like so many of our dealers are, consider having your sales force target one of your chosen niche groups. For example, you might choose Colleges and Universities, Ad Agencies, or Museums. Buy a list or do your own research and develop a list; be determined to and call all of the companies on the list that are not current customers. Start local, work up to state level and if it is successful expand. Work on understanding the specific needs and challenges of that particular group and really focus on ways you can uniquely meet their needs.

Targeted focus in a niche market can create new opportunities as you become an “expert” for that field; consumer confidence will grow as you successfully complete multiple projects in your chosen niches. Then of course you can tout those success stories on your social media in the form of case studies and blogs!people_graph_client

Growing your client base is about reaching out and partnering with value added information that fosters trust and instills confidence in your targeted consumer groups. You cannot expect buyers to flock to you in this highly competitive information driven marketplace if you do not do your part in creating and promoting useful content that adds value to your end users.

If you are looking for an opportunity to check out some signage, exhibit and display content, feel free to check out examples from following Mark Bric locations:


Be diligent and your client base will grow!

 –By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.

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