CHALLENGE: JOSAM needs to accurately and attractively display heavy, large, commercial plumbing drainage products.

SOLUTION: Mark Bric Display creates custom counter displays for drain products by modifying the ISObar counter product line to create stable, attractive and intriguing one of a kind counter displays, with accurate product portrayal, for the JOSAM trade show space.

JOSAM, who manufactures quality engineered plumbing drainage products, needed to display very heavy custom drain, grate and channel products at the ASPE Convention/Expo in their 20’ x 30’ exhibit space in the Phoenix Convention Center. The challenge was to show the products installed as they would be in commercial applications.

4802This meant JOSAM did not want to just place the drains and accompanying products on tables or have their products sitting in boxes at the show. They needed a system that would replicate how their quality plumbing drains, grates and trenches would look set at ground level.

Enter Mark Bric’s design team and their ability to talk with clients and really listen in order to brainstorm a solution that was not only achievable but attractive. The goal at any show is to attract folks to the display and make the client’s products look good.

In order to have the JOSAM drains rest flush with the “floor”, as they traditionally appear in their natural environments, there needed be an area to house the part of the product that is usually hidden under surface level.

Enter the use of Mark Bric’s ISObar counters. ISObar is part of the ISOframe family of dependable displays and was perfect for the task because the counters come in a variety of configurations: curved, straight, single unit or multiple units to create desired length, even L-shaped which allowed for design freedom and the ability to choose what would work best in the overall exhibit.


To achieve the “set in concrete and level with the finished floor” appearance, Mark Bric designers chose a 2-section ISObar counter and created custom tops for the counter units. The custom tops were finished with linoleum representing a finished floor and the 5 drains were mounted flush with the counter tops. The front side of the 5 drain counter was fitted with a clear polycarbonate glass front so potential customers could catch a glimpse at a representative look at what goes on “underground” with the JOSAM products. This “open” ISObar counter was backed with attendee facing “underground dirt” graphics and effective LED light fixtures were placed to shed light on the underside of the drains. This gave the customer a 180 degree “cutaway” look at the JOSAM drains as they would appear installed on location. The ISObar counter made the showcased product highly visible and easy to demonstrate; it proved to be much better than just casually resting product in boxes on the counter.


Several other counters were customized to showcase additional drainage products.  A second two-section ISObar counter, created with a custom top, displayed the trench grate system with a selection of grates showcased above the counter on a custom manufactured shelf. The cumbersome grate product was made easier to view and explain by placing it into the ISObar counter in a fashion that simulated actual usage. Mark Bric Display products proved their flexibility as well as their strength in supporting this heavy piece of equipment in an attendee friendly method.

Finally, to complete the product show cases and stay consistent with the overall design of the exhibit two separate custom height ISObar 90 degree curved pedestal modules were created for a roof drain and a sink holder display.

Due to the weight and shapes of the customer’s showcased products required for this display, Mark Bric was also tasked with creating custom crates for the components.  Specialized compartments were created to facilitate easy storage and efficient at show re-assembly of all exhibit component pieces as well as to simplify shipping logistics.

With this unique, light weight, self-install 20’ x 30’ trade show exhibit created from ISOframe dependable display products, and the precise attention to detail within the specialized counter displays, Mark Bric helped JOSAM meet their objective of “being the best at what they do”. The custom counter displays enabled JOSAM booth staff to engage in meaningful hands on discussion of their product and systems.

See last week’s blog for more views of the JOSAM booth and the story behind this display’s 15’ tall tower and hidden storage area. Want more information right now fill out the contact us form and we will call you right away. Want to peruse ISOframe products on your own? Visit Have specific questions regarding custom exhibits? Call our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 800-742-6275.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.


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