Your end of the year planning sessions for the new year went well and now it is time to translate those exciting plans into action. Your trade show schedule is set; you know where you are going, but now the work of creating and purchasing the right trade show exhibit is staring you in the face.

Recently on the Mark Bric Display blog we ran an article entitled “Tell Us Your Budget” where we suggested it is not only helpful to know what your budget is before purchasing and investing in various visual merchandising, and trade show display options, but that it is also advantageous to share the information with the vendors with whom you are working. In that same article, we explained that your goal should be to get the best exhibit or display that your budget will allow. Mark Bric president Edgardo Marquez reminds exhibitors, “One key to having your best event and exhibit experience is not undercutting your own budget just to save money.” If you do not spend what you have allotted for your purchase, you may be cutting into future profits and losing money by not investing in a more effective display.

As you evaluate your budget, you may be tempted to buy solely on price. If you encounter a vendor that is trying to win your business by giving you the “lowest price, you’ll find anywhere” you may want to walk away…or at least think twice. What you want is not the lowest price, but the best value. As a general rule you should not buy (or on the flip side, sell) based solely on price. Work with a vendor who is concerned about value.


Value, cost, and price are not the same thing. Remember, less expensive doesn’t always mean you are getting a better value or a bargain.  A rough industry average for purchasing portable trade show displays is $100-$150 per square foot for larger displays. For example, a 20’x20’ display would cost between $40,000 and $60,000 and a 20’x30’ between $60,000- $90,000. Often Mark Bric Display can do much better than that pricing because of the flexibility of our custom modular system, ISOframe, and its lightweight, unique tool-free system. However, we encourage our client’s to choose based on value not just price. You must ask, “For this price, what am I getting?”  and “What problematic issues will I be able to avoid by investing?”

Low quality exhibits that have too low a price tag won’t last; in the long run, they may end up “costing” you more than you’d ever planned. The cost of replacing an exhibit that doesn’t last at least doubles your investment. Also, inferior quality exhibits or broken displays can “cost” your business. If you look shabby at a show, you will lose potential business as attendees walk right past you. You may also actually lose money in potential business because you purchased a display that was “cookie cutter” and not designed for you and your unique products or specific marketing goals. Do not underestimate the crowd drawing and selling potential of a display that is made specifically for you. It may have a slightly higher initial price but the value is higher due to higher ROI in lead to business conversion. Consider, an exhibit might initially cost less because it has a less expensive price tag, but the cheaper quality, in reality, creates an exhibit of less value and ends up costing in other ways.


With regard to value, keep in mind what your sales goals and objectives are for the event and be sure the display you are selecting has all the needed components to use as tools. Added accessories may increase your initial price tag, but the return on investment will add value and may even indeed bring cost /lead generated down. For example, you spend some additional funds on audio video screens or tablets and tablet holders to make your exhibit more interactive. This ups the initial price tag but the additional number of show attendees that now stop by your booth doubles and you get a 100% increase in engagement on the show floor as well as an increase in post-show sales tied directly to show leads. You cannot argue that this is added value and reaps monetary dividends.

The Mark Bric Display trade show solution product line has endless accessories to add more value such as counters, slat wall, shelving and audiovisual components which all can be added right away or at a later date as your needs and budget grow. At Mark Bric Display we are all about value. We also have great pricing but we will always choose to help you get a superior solution over a “cheap price” – not because we are greedy, but because we want you to experience exhibiting success through Intelligent Exhibiting.

Bottom line is this: Measure your trade show, exhibit and visual merchandising investments by value not cost. Mark Bric Display and the ISOframe display and exhibit product lines offer exhibits and displays of incredible value. Our objective is to work with you to add value to your programs. We always start with really listening to what your needs and objectives are for each event.

We have quality pop-up displays, we have a great ISOframe display called the Ripple that is a very portable, easy transport, linking banner system and we have custom displays built from ISOframe modular components that can transform your exhibit space into high ROI opportunities. We won’t be the least expensive or the most expensive choice, however this does not mean you will have lukewarm results; on the contrary, it means we offer excellent value for price solutions.

Choose value over price! Start with our free, no-obligation quote and 3-D color exhibit rendering services today by clicking here. Check out the entire ISOframe product offerings at or call 800-742-6275 for more information.


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