4 Ways To Keep Your Trade Show Display On Trend for 2017


One way to stay ahead of your competition is to focus on your trade show exhibit program. Here are 4 areas you should keep in mind for this year’s programs.


Curves create a more inviting and sophisticated presence! They add variety to the usual angles and straight lines of other exhibitor’s stands. ISOframe Wave and ISOframe Ripple systems are perfect for integrating curves – be bold, move away from plain straight edges.

Free standing counters allow your exhibit staff to connect with potential customers with ease. The ISObar system provides a welcoming and intimate environment right inside your booth space.



Lighting, or lack thereof, always has a dramatic effect on exhibit stands. Stay in front of the crowd, try spotlights or colored wash lights for an entirely different look. Create an impact that attracts maximum attention and more attendees.

With ISOframe, many stands store lights within the carefully crafted storage and transport cases, avoiding the need to carry additional items when on the move between trade shows.


Sustainability is playing a bigger part in all our lives, even in the trade shows and exhibition realm.

With sustainability, longevity and flexibility in mind, a modular stand proves a great choice; it allows you to re-purpose and re-configure your stand for multiple events. The flexibility of the ISOframe system means you can re-use and re-configure time and time again, often, without having to reinvest in additional materials.



It’s important to make sure you use imagery that connects with your audience. One way of doing this is to move away from product shots and logos and use visuals that are more lifestyle, or natural product environment, focused.

Connection can be created by using pictures that show your target customers using and benefiting from your products or services. This creates interest and attracts the right audience to your stand.

Have a show coming up? Need assistance incorporating these ideas into your trade show exhibit and display program? Contact us for a free no obligation quote and our designers will work with you to create a full color 3D rendering of your ISOframe displayExperience Intelligent Exhibiting with ISOframe.

– edited & adapted bStacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp. from  ISOframe – Display Makers UK source material

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