Stand Up & Cheer for Fabric


When I got to page 17 of the December 2016 issue of Wide-Format & Signage I wanted to stand up and cheer! This advertorial text from Fisher Textiles so eloquently expressed all the things I feel about the benefits of our fabric trade show exhibits, retail displays and even our line of fabric light boxes and banners. I was going to try and paraphrase it but thought instead I’d share this brilliant copywriter’s work here for you in its entirety. Ready? And I quote…

“Fabric for digital printing originated in the trade show industry, replacing traditional and confining trade show booths made from wood and particleboard. These days, fabric booths are becoming the majority due to its benefits over hard materials and innovative applications that have developed in recent years.

The creative possibilities of fabric are endless. Users can drape, mount, hang, stretch, frontlight and backlight fabric. Fabric has visual and sensory advantages. It presents a soft appearance and introduces the sense of touch. Another major benefit is cost savings in shipping and ease of installation for unskilled labor. Wrinkle resistant properties allow fabrics to fold and ship in small boxes. Shipping dimensions and weight are less and install doesn’t require hiring professionals for assembly and break down. These benefits have enabled fabric usage to branch into other markets as new applications evolve.

The retail industry has seen an explosion of fabric usage in recent years. Fabric is replacing paper and vinyl in outdoor graphics, indoor point-of-purchase displays, wayfinding and window displays for many of the same reasons that it took over the trade show industry. The introduction of Silicone Edge Graphic systems has furthered the use of fabric in the retail industry. SEG is becoming a major player in retail because of its clean look and wow factor. The tightly stretched fabric presents a vivid print that is the focal point because of a less visible frame. For an industry looking to draw customer attention and brand recognition, retail is the perfect fit for fabric and this new application.

Fabric is a clear choice when considering its advantages over vinyl, paper, plastic and other rigid substrates.” 

Yes, yes, and yes again. Love that advertorial! This is what we have been communicating to our ISOframe clients and to those folks who are in the market for a versatile, economical, and stunning trade show exhibit or visual merchandising display that will wow the socks off your target audiences. I am glad to hear it echoed by yet another third party source.


ISOframe fabric exhibits and displays really pop and deliver so many advantages (i.e. easy set-up and tear down, shipping and drayage savings due to light weight components). ISOframe Fabric options not only include modular and custom trade show exhibits but also backlit lightboxes and wall mounted signage for both retail and other commercial environments. Still unsure about fabric?  That’s ok. If you are in the market for any size trade show exhibit, please consider calling Mark Bric. We’d love to discuss your needs and find the right display options for you. We have a full line of exhibits (not just fabric) that can accommodate an array of budgets and goals. Call 800-742-6275 today or click here to get started.

 – By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.

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