Can We Brag On This ISOframe Trade Show Exhibit?


We are almost as excited to post these custom ISOframe Wave reconfiguration photos as a new mom posting progression and change photos of her one-year old. Like any proud parent, every once in a while you have to brag and show the world how great your children are! You’ve got to shout, “See it’s True! Look how awesome these little buggers are!”

Well, it’s our turn to brag on ISOframe! We think you will be excited when you see these ISOframe displays change right before your eyes. This multifaceted modular exhibit series our affiliates, Amber & Green Pte, in Singapore put together for CIPD illustrates what we have been trying to tell you all along. ISOframe Wave’s customizable, modular units are an economical intelligent choice for when you have multiple shows, diverse venues and require displays for varied trade show exhibit booth sizes. ISOframe handles these changes and demands with poise and grace…and, best of all, when faced with making these alterations, you’ll never break a sweat because the patented fast-clamp and flexi-link system make set-up and reconfiguration a breeze.

Let’s see how this ISOframe Wave exhibit handled three countries, four events and four different display configurations.

CIPD’s exhibit has been configured as an 8m x 3m (26’ x 10’), a 6m x 3m (20’x10’) with two open sides and with one open side, as well as a free-standing backdrop.  Each configuration was formed using an already purchased selection of hardware and graphics – this kept costs down, well under budget, and eliminated added expenses.

The exhibit ideas started with the guidance of an expert design team that worked with both the customer and ISOframe experts including Mark Bric’s US-based, 3-D design specialist, Mr. Dedong Chen. Notice the detail and realism of the visuals created in the Mark Bric Stand Designer software.


The main exhibit configuration was an 8m x 3m (26’x 10′), three-sided display. It integrated four ISOframe modular showcase units with slatwall, an attached audio-visual screen holder, an attached square table unit, and an ISObar backlit counter. It was a great success at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Below is the 6m x 3m  (20’x10′)with two open sides display that was used in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Notice this space allowed room for only two slatwall, shelved showcases. Not a problem since the units are modular and can be added and removed without tools. To create a finished look, the designers employed the patented Flexi-Wave link to curve the final panel on each end.


Sometimes just doing trade shows is not enough. You can conveniently use your display at other events and venues too. See how easily ISOframe filled a smaller 6m wide space as part of a CIPD Breakout Session at the Equarius Hotel, Sentosa. Only the backdrop was required, so it was simple to remove the audio-visual and showcase elements. So flexible. So easy to add and subtract pieces and transition from one requirement to another!


Below at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is the 6m x 3m (20’ x 10’) exhibit area with only one open side to the trade show audience. Since there was only room for two of the four display showcases, CIPD chose to use the Flexi-Wave link to bend and curve the exhibit from a two-sided configuration to a three-sided configuration. We love the cozy and inviting look, almost like a living room, with the media screen and comfortable seating area to discuss business with clients.


With features like the eye-catching, 3m tall central tower section with the attention getting purple graphics and a 42″ LCD screen as a main focal point, it is no wonder this ISOframe design concept became an award winner (Best Exhibition Stand Award).

Re-usable, reconfigurable modular trade show exhibit and display systems are not too good to be true. They exist in the ISOframe family of displays. ISOframe is Intelligent Exhibiting. Yes, we are bragging on ISOframe exhibits – amazing little buggers, aren’t they?

To view more ISOframe exhibits:

To discuss your needs and receive a no obligation quote & a free, 3-D, full-color rendering of exhibits that will meet your goals and be kind to your budget, call 800-742-6275 or click here.


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