Next Level Exhibiting


Trade show exhibiting no longer has to be a one and done situation. To maximize ROI, savvy companies are considering display units which they can use and re-use all or part of at multiple show venues. Take your exhibiting program to the next level by investing in a modular or custom modular exhibit system that will allow you to tweak marketing messages and product promotions at each trade show.

SPAL chose the ISOframe Intelligent Exhibiting family of trade show displays to accomplish their goal.

“We (SPAL) needed a custom-made stand to look good no matter what stand size we booked – ISOframe Custom solved our problem perfectly” – Matthew Morris, Managing Director, SPAL Automotive UK


SPAL manufactures cooling equipment for a variety of industry segments; therefore, they attend up to five major trade exhibitions each year. They desired an impactful display that was flexible enough to tweak messages for specific target markets and accommodate various booth floor plans without having to incur the expense of multiple separate exhibits. ISOframe Custom met and exceeded SPAL’s expectations!

ISOframe helped take their exhibiting to the next level by keeping structural components the same and changing out graphic panels. Because ISOframe is modular, it can be rearranged for different looks and to accommodate exhibition spaces of various sizes and floor plan layouts.

Do you have multiple shows and a variety of target audiences? Let us design the perfect solution with an ISOframe Custom trade show exhibit display. See more here: or call 800-742-6275 today.

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