IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL: How Mark Bric Made iFAVINE’S International Trade Show Experience Easy

iFAVINE 20x15ft stand_10_graphic specification-2

CASE STUDY: iFAVINE headquartered in the Netherlands, with production facilities in China, and offices in Australia and France needed to create and manage an exhibit booth for an important trade show in the USA.

CHALLENGE: iFAVINE needed to remotely create a display for a USA show to save on travel expenses, and on international shipping costs and complications. They needed to find an exhibit builder they could trust to do quality work and be able to get an accurate idea of what their display would look like before purchase without traveling to the states. In addition, they were in need of a company with exhibit and display product knowledge to handle show planning and handle on-site logistics as well as installation and dismantle.

IMG_0050SOLUTION:  A unique 20’ x 15’ ISOframe Custom modular trade show exhibit display created by Mark Bric Display coupled with Mark Bric’s complete personalized exhibit services to include set-up, tear down, and exhibit storage between shows.

iFAVINE 20x15ft stand_10_graphic specification-3

When you have an international organization that does business throughout the world communication and coordination can be tricky. Even with phone, email, and all sorts of instant messaging, getting what you really want, especially in the trade show and exhibit realm, can be more than a task….it is an art form.

Mark Bric made iFAVINE’s world a bit smaller and a lot easier with its state of the art exhibit design knowledge, free 3-D color rendering services and its knowledgeable trade show solution team.

The iFAVINE Network’s goal is to build the largest professional wine platform in the world by pooling information from around the world about winemakers and their wines, distributors, the restaurant trade, sommeliers and more. They attempt to bring together professionals and enthusiasts in the wine field to facilitate and encourage communications helping the wine community around the world.

In order to further their mission, iFAVINE attends event and shows around the globe. Their most recent challenge revolved around the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, IL, USA, in March 2017 where they wanted to showcase their state of the art wine decanting products.


As always, Mark Bric design and exhibit experts spent time listening to and really understanding iFAVINE’s goals and needs. From there, the design team and the computer design experts created several design options and renderings for the 20’ x 15’ foot trade show exhibit space until an innovative and impactful design was agreed upon. An in warehouse pre-build followed to ensure each graphic, ISOframe display component, and all custom lighting fixtures were a perfect fit and show ready. This pre-show build occurs for every ISOframe unit that is produced by Mark Bric – just another level of ensuring the customer gets the best quality exhibit possible.

Check out some of the professional renderings used to facilitate discussion and tweaking of the design. With these detailed 3D renderings, iFAVINE was assured that purchasing an exhibit remotely didn’t have to mean purchasing sight unseen. As you can see the renderings and finished product really do match! Notice the ISObar counter, customized shelving and attached table modules to accommodate the featured iSommelier and iSommelierPro products.

iFAVINE 20x15ft stand_10_graphic specification-4


Graphics behind the products created visual interest, engaged the eye, and piqued curiosity of trade show attendees. iFAVINE learned you can be half a globe a way and still get exactly what you need from a competent, attentive exhibit company like Mark Bric Display.

iFAVINE 20x15ft stand_10_graphic specification-5



The ISOframe exhibit system is an extremely simple system for clients to set up at shows by themselves. It is tool-free in nature and features a patented FASTclamp locking system that makes all of the modular units a snap to set up. Although there is no doubt that iFAVINE personnel could easily handle the task on their own, to further simplify their exhibit experience, iFAVINE chose to use Mark Bric’s at show installation and dismantle services. Using Mark Bric’s on site show services, freed their time for meetings and gave them the ability to contact key individuals while in the United States. Having a Mark Bric representative on site at the trade show made iFAVINE’s process worry-free and allowed their personnel to use their pre and post show time in more constructive manner.

iFAVINE 20x15ft stand_10_graphic specification-6


Maximizing business communication time is just one benefit of letting Mark Bric handle your logistics. iFAVINE wisely not only saved time, but also saved money by letting Mark Bric create the exhibit in the United States, store it at their facility and ship direct to the show site; this meant no international shipping costs and storage fees. Letting Mark Bric Display’s team focus on all of the exhibit aspects, freed iFAVINE to focus on their customers and product lines of wine decanters and specialty kitchen appliances. Mark Bric focused on iFAVINE so that iFAVINE was free to focus on their clients.

International trade show exhibit construction, implementation and participation does not have to be a daunting task if you partner with the right company. Call Mark Bric Display today at 1-800-742-6275 if you need exhibit design services. Don’t forget to inquire about complete trade show installation, dismantle and storage support too.

Want to see more of Mark Bric’s custom exhibit work? View a variety of ISOframe Intelligent Exhibits at and see our complete line of tradeshow and visual merchandising products and additional displays at

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