Earning Trade Show Display & Exhibit Loyalty Through Saving You Time


You’ve heard the phrase time is money right? In today’s fast paced days and digital age, one might even say that time is more valuable than money. After all, one can earn more money, but you cannot manufacture more time! So when purchasing a trade show exhibit, your deciding factor should not solely be based on price but also include consideration of what type of time savings the exhibit will provide for you.


The ISOframe Intelligent Exhibiting family of trade show exhibits and displays save time from inception. When you choose to work with Mark Bric Display you are choosing to work with a qualified design team who won’t insist on offering you a pre-packaged exhibit from only a few choices on a website. No, you are working with a team of people who are listeners! Our Mark Bric customer service reps and our design team listen. They listen to what your sales and marketing goals are. They listen to your show schedule. They listen to what has, and hasn’t, worked for you in the past. They listen to your budget constraints. Then with the big picture in mind, they get to work to save you time. They take care of all the design fuss and create a beautiful full-color, 3-D rendering of your proposed exhibit. This eliminates the guess work. You can see what you like and don’t like about the design and it can be tweaked to accommodate concerns. Listening to you saves time in the long run. We’ll get it right before we ship it to you. You get a customized exhibit that performs for you and perhaps not just meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

Where else will an exhibit from Mark Bric save you time? There are several options for saving time during set-up and installation.  Take for example, our Showflex Butterfly display. This complete display literally pops up like an umbrella and is ready to go in minutes! As if that is not enough, this display folds so compactly, you can transport it yourself. Save the time and hassle of shipping logistics. Carry Showflex Butterfly right into the show hall yourself! Check it as luggage as you travel or, with the smaller units, carry it on the plane, store it in the overhead compartment and you won’t even have to wait at the luggage carousel for it!


Other time saving choices include the ISOframe Fabric display. Its light-weight aluminum frame work compliments the museum quality dye-sublimation, full-color, SEG fabric graphics that quickly unfold and snap right into place. Incidentally, the ISOframe Fabric system works well as a backlit lightbox too. In addition to quick set-up, you save time in the one-stop shop factor; get a trade show display complete with lightboxes all from one vendor!


Need more time savings? Mark Bric can quickly use the same lightweight and sturdy fast-clamp aluminum framework to create an ISOframe Wave display. The ISOframe Wave, complete with counters, tables, display shelving and audio visual capabilities, is meant to impress your customers and meet all of your unique exhibition needs.  The entire ISOframe line saves time with easy transport and set-up.

fast clamp

The fast-clamp set-up, unique flexi-link structure, and interchangeability of accessories makes this system versatile and appropriate for various size exhibit spaces and multiple shows. No need to order and reorder graphics – use and reuse for both time and money savings.

Mark Bric also has installation, storage and shipping service options. If you need us to do your on-site set-up and installation, we can and we will. This allows your sales people to spend their time selling and not setting up an exhibit. Don’t want to waste valuable time between shows? We will store your exhibit and prep it for the next show too – that is a huge time saver! Let us deal with show logistics and be your install & dismantle team. This service is available for ISOframe Custom and select Wave units too. Just ask us about it when you call. We don’t mind – we are here to make exhibiting affordable, easy, and non-time-consuming.

This quote, from Bill Farquharson, in an article entitled “For Sale: Saving Customers Time” in Printing Impressions, represents what we hope to do for you:

“Save a company a dollar and you will earn the company’s appreciation. Save a customer time and you will earn that person’s loyalty.”

We like being appreciated for our excellent “exhibit for the price” (aka value) consistency, but we’d also love to earn your loyalty and trust by giving you a quality exhibit experience and by helping you wisely spend one of your most valued resources…time.

Interested in saving time (and money) on your next trade show and exhibit project? View the ISOframe Exhibit options at www.ISOframeExhibits.com or call 800-742-6275 for assistance today.


Also for your viewing convenience, enjoy these short videos on our most popular time-saving exhibits:

ISOframe Wave   ISOframe Fabric   ISOframe Custom   Showflex Butterfly   ISOframe Ripple

– By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.

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