Trade Show & Exhibit Timeline for Maximum Success


Thinking about doing some trade shows this year? Need help with trade show planning?  Pros know that success on the trade show floor begins months in advance.  Here is a helpful timeline to get you started on the road to maximum trade show success.

9-12 Months Prior to Show

  • Determine Your Exhibit Design, Layout & Graphic Needs
    • Work with exhibit firm to finalize booth design and accessory needs
    • Decide if you can handle doing your own graphics or if you need outside assistance from graphic designers, printers, or a full service exhibit firm – select wisely as not all exhibit producers offer full-service assistance.
  • Identify Promotions & Give-Aways You Will Use to Attract Attention
  • Determine What Marketing Materials & Literature You Need
    • Begin the design & print process for these
  • Communicate Relevant Info To Appropriate Teams So Everyone Is In The Know, On Board And Can Get The Ball Rolling

3-6 Months Prior to Show

  • Confirm Delivery Dates For Items And Exhibit Elements
  • Be Sure You Submit All Exhibitor Paperwork By The Specified Deadlines
  • Firm Up Booth Staffing Requirements
  • Make A Booth Staffing Schedule
  • Create & Schedule Staff Training Sessions
  • Order Staff Uniforms
  • Identify How You Will Ship Exhibit & Other Booth Material To The Show
    • If this is new to you an experienced exhibit firm will often also offer services to assist with these logistics. Ask them about pricing for these services if you have not already done so.
  • Begin Making Hotel & Travel Arrangements
  • Launch Pre-Show Marketing Initiatives
    • Be sure to add booth number and show info to all email and social media posts; use show relevant and promotional hashtags too!
  • Order Give-Aways & Promotional Items

1-3 Months Prior to Show

  • Last Opportunity For Final Exhibit Tweaks
  • Confirm Shipping Dates
  • Schedule Dinners, Meetings etc. With Clients & Key Prospects
  • Be Sure All Booth Personnel Have Been Registered For Exhibitor Badges
  • Put Together Items You Plan to Hand Out at Show
  • Be Sure Booth Staff Have Received All Training Materials, Sales & Objectives Communications, And Any Last Minute Instructions Or Need To Know Items
  • Prepare For How Leads Will Be Followed Up After Show
    • Have a system of lead distribution based on at show qualification
    • Prepare any Materials That Need To Be Mailed/Emailed Post-Show 

1 Week Prior to Show

  • Confirm Shipping
  • Confirm Reservations
  • Check All Action Steps On Timeline & Exhibitor Guides Have Been Completed
  • Print Exhibitor Badge Reservation Confirmations
  • Pack All Items On Your Supply List
  • Address Any Last Minute Concerns For Staff



Keeping on top of all the many tasks and deadlines for a show can be overwhelming but it is not impossible. And, when done right, trade shows and special events are extremely rewarding for both exhibitor and attendee.

Want the process to be easier? Ready for maximum success?

Use Mark Bric Display as your trade show display and exhibit provider. We give you more than just a display:

  • We have a team of expert listener customer service reps who advocate for your needs.
  • We enlist talented designers who create exhibits with impressive impact.
  • We have shipping, storage and logistics services that are top notch.

Get started today with a no obligation quote and a free, full-color, 3-D rendering of exhibit possibilities created specifically for you.

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Need more helpful trade show tips?

Investigate our blog:

-By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp. 

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