Over the last week it has rained more days than it has not so we have had a lot of practice opening and closing our umbrellas around here. Every time I open my umbrella it reminds me, not only of the time as a college freshman at Virginia Tech when I opened my umbrella on campus for the first time and discovered that my mom had hung little pictures and well-wishing notes inside it, but also of Mark Bric’s fantastic new product the ShowFlex. Around here we call it the umbrella display.


Here are a few recent ShowFlex pictures to help you better visualize this easy-as-an-umbrella-to-use display. Before the Global Shop show in Vegas, Mark Bric Display set up Mark Bric Inc.’s vibrant dye-sub printed fabric ShowFlex display sections in the Mark Bric Display showroom. Notice the tall one in the back is literally floor to ceiling!


The simplicity and vibrant, stellar graphic quality of this dye-sublimation printed tension fabric display make it ideal to bring your products to life in retail, special event and trade show environments. How did Mark Bric Inc. get their dime sized products noticed in a big exhibit hall?

Mark Bric Inc Globalshop 2017_2

They used multiple ShowFlex umbrella units to show off their tiny size markers! Notice there are hundreds of the size markers in the jar on the desk but with museum quality dye-sub fabric printing and the ShowFlex’s easy-to-use displays, the size markers became larger than life in clear, vibrant color. If you want to get your products noticed but don’t want to fuss with heavy or awkward exhibits, you should watch this video and see how easy it is to transport and set-up the ShowFlex display.



If you can work an umbrella in the rain…you can set up this display. Yes, it is that easy!

Want to know more about available sizes & pricing for the ShowFlex display?

Don’t wait for a rainy day, call us today at 804-862-4655!


 –By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.




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