7 Places to Use a Tabletop Display


Are you looking to attend a regional show? Perhaps you are testing out several vertical markets to see if they have an interest in your product and services. Not sure you can invest in another large targeted display for an “iffy” market? Do your sales people need to increase their closure rates? Are you a non-profit soliciting donations?

Maybe a tabletop display is your answer.

Typically, tabletop displays are designed to rest on a 6-8 ft. table and are, ideally, lightweight and reasonably priced. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and for obvious reasons need to be easily portable.

Here are 7 places where tabletop displays provide viable solutions:

1- Regional Trade Shows


Sometimes you learn of a new smaller show after you have already invested in a large exhibit. Not every show offers a 20’ x 20’ island display area.  Your 20’ x 20’ exhibit is gorgeous, but if you did not select something modular that can be reconfigured, like the ISOframe line of exhibits, you may need to make a small investment into a tabletop that will fit into a much smaller allotment of space.  Smaller regional shows and fairs are a perfect venue for a tabletop display. These regional, often vertical market, opportunities can be very profitable and produce quality leads if you are able to capture the attention of interested attendees. A quality tabletop display can help you do that. In addition, the smaller nature of a tabletop display allows you to more economically change the graphic messages for multiple markets without severely impacting your limited sales and marketing budget.

2 – Company Events: Employee Meetings, Open Houses, Recruiting

SnapUp-Table-Top1-1 (1)

Everyone knows employee meetings can be dull. Sometimes adding a visual can grab the attention of sleepy employees. Videos and online presentations work too, but a tabletop display is a visual reminder that you can leave up to reinforce your ideas. For the best of both worlds, investigate tabletop displays that can incorporate your audiovisual presentations too. A tabletop display left out for viewing may even spark some spirited discussion in the lunch room. Perhaps you have an annual investors meeting or an open house where a full size display would be considered ostentatious; break out that tabletop display, enhance your message without going over the top. Tabletop displays are a perfect way to showcase your establishment’s awesomeness at open houses and recruiting fairs too! Be creative! There are a host of in-house opportunities to showcase a tabletop display.

3 – Sales Presentations

In this ever increasing digital age, where the endless PowerPoint deck rules, maybe bringing a tabletop display presentation would be refreshing. Using the tabletop for key selling points and to show branding graphics that evoke emotion can reinforce and enhance even the best sales pitches. If nothing else, a well done tabletop display, like the Showflex umbrella display, the ShowStyle briefcase display, a shortened Ripple linking banner stand, a SnapUp, or even a small fabric light box, can provide a pleasing and professional visual backdrop for your sales presentation.

4 -Seminars/Webinars


Dress up your seminars, webinars and even your podcast with a helpful visual. When you take the time to invest in a little stage dressing, your credibility soars and your audience appreciates having something to look at other than your desk and your face. Relevant logos, slogans and promotions can be highlighted for a lasting impression in this way.


5 – Showrooms


It is not practical to set up your entire 20’ x 30’ island trade show exhibit in the middle of your office, but a smaller tabletop display can create a showroom effect even in the most space challenged lobbies. If you do have a showroom, what better way to create a stand-alone presentation that engages customers and clients as they peruse your offerings.  Tabletop displays, crafted specifically for this purpose, can be an effective sales tool. If you have a lot of foot traffic, this can be a great vehicle for monthly promotions and weekly specials. The smaller nature of the display makes message updates convenient and affordable.

6 – Special Promotion Within a Larger Trade Show Exhibit


Need to create a display within a display for a new product or special promotion? A tabletop display is one way to do this. Upcoming price specials or new product facts can be highlighted on a tabletop display unit. Combine a tabletop with an attractive counter and you have a great micro environment for selling within a busy trade show booth. It is easy to create an attention getting focal point with a tabletop display in your space.

7 – Non-Profit Events and Fairs


Understanding that many non-profits are on limited budgets and cannot swing a full size exhibit, the tabletop display offers a budget-friendly and extremely portable solution that is conducive to local fairs, schools and special events where supporters and donors can be wooed by your volunteers. Volunteers can also easily set up most tabletops by themselves; this way no special instruction or training needs to be invested prior to fundraising and awareness events.


No matter why you want a tabletop or where you think you will use it, Mark Bric Display is the place to start your quest for an exhibit that is just right for you.

We have several product lines that have table top options to suit your needs. Start with these three links:

Tabletop Displays



Then, give us a call at 800-742-6275 to get started.

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