When looking to pack a powerful punch into a limited amount of space, a tabletop exhibit can be surprisingly effective. Often neglected as a viable trade show option, the tabletop exhibit can be considered a hidden gem both for impact and budget friendliness.

SnapUp-Table-Top1-1 (1)

Because Mark Bric Display sells tabletop displays and exhibits, I worry that you might think us a bit biased; so, I thought you might appreciate Exhibitor Magazine’s take on these diminutive trade show and sales tools.



Check out Exhibitor Magazine’s endorsement of tabletop displays and their twelve tricks for making your exhibit a champion for your company or cause:


After reading this advice, give the excellent customer service team at Mark Bric Display call at 800-742-6275 and they’ll get you started with a tabletop that meshes with your specific needs! See some of our options here!

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