8 Powerful Tips for More Effective Marketing


James Heaton of Tronvig Group once said, “No one buys what you sell, they buy what is of value to them”. Marketers and public relations professionals are on an unending quest for folks to buy into products, services and personas. The underlying goal is to be the brand people value. The question then becomes: How do you become of value to an audience and get them on board with your products and services?

Here are 8 tips to employ on the journey to customer and fan loyalty:

1. Know Your Audience

By audience we mean the folks that are actually already into your company, your products and your services; we are not talking about potential audience or the audience or client base you wish you already had.

2. Change Your Perspective

Now that you have identified the audience you have – look at EVERYTHING from THEIR perspective. What do they need to hear – what matters to them? Your marketing message must include those things. Speak their language.

3. Know What Your Audience Values

Are your programs, promotions, events, trade show selections, blogs and even new product considerations of value to them? Are these things of interest to them?

4. Locate Your Audiences Information Sources

What do they read, view, seek out? Is it social media, traditional print sources, billboards? If you can figure this out – promote via that medium. Don’t make them stumble upon your message by accident. Place it prominently, and often, in their usual stomping grounds.

5. Involve Your Audience

Create, sponsor, and host special events to get your audience involved in their community (whether it be local and tangible or global via targeted shared online channels); this will reap a wide array of dividends including awareness and positive emotional connections to your brand.

6. Identify Collaborators and Competitors

Leverage the mileage of both competitors and those willing to work with you in speaking to your audience. If there is a competitor that is a leader within your industry, you can reiterate some of their rhetoric which applies to your company’s products and services; but be careful not to intimate you are the less favorable version. Sell the heck out of your differences and value added attributes. Be distinct. With collaborators, maintain favorable relations and find your quid pro quo partnership balance so there is mutual success.

7. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Be a lifelong learner and try new approaches. What worked yesterday may work again, but there might be something new that will work even better. Do not throw the baby out with the bath water, do keep doing what works but perhaps allocate funds to do some A/B testing or try new mediums and then when you strike a gold mine, invest more into that tactic. Set aside timidity; be bold. The key is to engage your audience and up with increased ROI.

8. Evaluate and Question

Every PR & Marketing professional learns in the rudimentary 101 level classes to measure results. Never abandon that tenant of the marketing faith. Evaluate all promotions, programs, emails, ads, trade shows, social media posts etc. Measure everything you can measure! Lobby to have tracking mechanisms in place. Sometimes getting systems and personnel on board with this process is the hardest challenge you will face. Some evaluation will be quantifiable; others will lean toward the more qualitative. Either way data and feedback must be pursued. Use the information to plan future strategies and objectives.

Marketing is an art AND a science. Remember, with science you have experimentation with both controlled and uncontrolled variables; and, at times, experiments fail. This is simply part of the process. However, you can increase your rate of success by following the tips above and by partnering with experienced, reputable companies, such as Mark Bric Display Corp. that can assist you along the way. Mark Bric Display specializes in trade show exhibits and retail and visual merchandising displays. Should you be in need of simple signage, banner stands, pop-up displays or large custom modular trade show exhibits Mark Bric Display can assist. A great place to start your display and exhibit journey is  www.ISOframeExhibits.com  and www.MarkBricDisplay.com    For personalized help and information about our free, 3D, full-color exhibit renderings and no obligation quotes call our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team at 804-862-4655.

 –By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.

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