How To Successfully Do 3 Major Trade Shows in 3 Weeks

Here’s an ISOframe tale from across the pond as told by Display Maker’s in the UK. Enjoy!

3 Reasons ISOframe Enabled Optos to Exhibit at 3 European Shows in 3 Weeks

Recently setting off on an ‘European tour’ of trade shows, Optos’ exhibition team took in multiple stops including Paris, Nuremburg and Liverpool in the space of just 3 weeks. The unique flexibility of the ISOframe Custom system helped them do this with ease.


Recognized as a leading provider of devices to eyecare professionals across the globe, Optos designs, develops, manufactures and markets cutting-edge retinal imaging devices.

They needed a self-build stand that could be easily transported, re-used and reconfigured in order to avoid the expense of building multiple stands to suit each show.

Luckily for Optos, an ISOframe Custom Stand provided the perfect solution.

Here are the three key reasons why:

1. Design

ISOframe’s team designed and created a stand that was not only visually striking but also showcased Optos’ key products. With sharp, eye-catching graphics and the use of media screens and counters, Optos was able to present these products in an attractive and welcoming setting.

Due to the number of complex devices and monitors Optos wanted to display, the stand was also designed with functionality in mind. Removable display panels were included so that the extensive cabling was hidden away, providing easier access for the Optos team than the more common route of incorporating cabling within the exhibit floor.

This added functionality was key to ensuring that Optos could transport the stand between shows and ensure each component and product was working correctly in a number of different exhibition environments.


2. Reconfigurability

The modular nature of Optos’ ISOframe Custom stand meant that the same framework could be used to build multiple stands of differing sizes and layouts. Sections could be added or taken away depending on floor space, providing a flexibility that was vital for an exhibition team that was ‘out on the road’ for a number of consecutive trade shows.

The stand’s graphics could also be replaced with ease. This allowed Optos the opportunity (if needed) to use alternate marketing messages for different shows to target different audiences.

3. Logistics Management

Optos had previously worked with multiple contractors, depending on the country they were exhibiting in. However, the installation team at ISOframe were able to use their experience of working internationally to take care of every aspect of exhibiting at multiple locations across Europe.

Whilst the Optos exhibition team were fully trained by ISOframe’s specialists in how to install the stand, our installation team were available on request to help set-up and break-down before and after shows.

Exhibition costs can easily mount, particularly overseas, so maximizing the return on our clients’ investments remains at the core of what we at ISOframe do. This is Intelligent Exhibiting.

If you need this caliber of design planning, exhibit versatility, and logistics assistance and training in the USA, Mark Bric Display ISOframe is willing and able to take tackle all of your exhibit challenges. Let us handle the display and exhibit work so you can focus on selling to your customers and look great doing it! Call us today +1-804-862-4655 for a free 3-D full-color rendering and a no obligation quote.

– Case study article provided by Display Makers UK

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