Last week we talked about selecting the right trade show for your products and services and being sure you are aware of the show planning process timeline. In today’s installment of our Trade Show Season Smarts series, the next step is to decide what size booth space you can adequately fill, work, and of course, afford.  Selecting an available and appropriate spot on the show floor without ever seeing the venue can be tricky. Use web resources to gain as much information about the show hall as possible.

Most shows have floor plans available for you to view online; some websites will feature photos, videos or even virtual tours of the show halls. With these tools you can get a better sense of how the space is divided, how vendor categories are grouped and which exhibitors have already reserved a space and which exhibit spaces are still vacant. Do this early as booth spaces often fill up as repeat exhibitors book spaces quickly and usually have gotten priority. Sometimes, there are multi-year discounts of which you can take advantage. Be mindful of heavy traffic areas and dead zones. Investigate traffic flow patterns and use the triangle method to steer clear of dead zones (talk to the show manager for advice on that). If you have an area of the hall you’d like to be in, but don’t see your preferred booth size available there, it may be possible to combine smaller booths or divide larger ones to get what you need. It does not hurt to ask show management; their goal is to sell all the space on the floor!

Already have a booth space selected but don’t yet have an exhibit or display materials? We can get you started with a free, 3D, full-color rendering and a no obligation quote. Need our assistance with an exhibit or display elements for your trade show booth? Contact us by phone at 800-742-6275 or via our websites

Check our Trade Show Season Smarts series next week for advice on setting trade show goals & objectives.

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 –By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp

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