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You have decided you are going to exhibit at the LET’S MAKE SOME MONEY trade show that hopefully will bring a targeted, ready-to-purchase audience directly to you like a waiter serving up entrées and vigorously grinding pepper hoping for more than a 20% tip. Oh, only if it were that easy, right?

You know where you are going, you know when you are going, but do you know why you are going to the trade show? Why are you exhibiting? To build brand identity? To foster brand loyalty among existing customers? To promote a specific new product with product demonstrations? Are you there to meet with existing customers and close sales right there on the trade show floor? Are you hoping to set up sales calls after the show with each qualified lead? In all likelihood, it is probably a mix of all of these things.

Clarifying objectives and expectations before you go gets your trade show sales & marketing staff on the same page as your C level executives. Communication is key. If you are in marketing and are tasked with executing a trade show from start to finish, goal and objective setting is foundational. Sometimes you have to push up a little to get the info and the decisions to flow down so you can create trade show magic (hint: we all know there is no magic wand; the secret is hard work and focused planning and project management).

Knowing why you are going to each trade show also solidifies the type of booth design and environment that needs to be created; so the sooner the better on this clarification. Once this is outlined, other collateral issues such as booth design, pre-show promotion, staffing schedules and time focus will more easily fall into place.

Need to talk this through with someone to see if an exhibit can be created to tailor to your specific needs? Mark Bric Display can help. Take a look at some ideas on our www.ISOframeExhibits.com  site. You will see examples of conference areas, product demo areas and large brand enhancing backwalls and light boxes. Our trade show exhibit designers are great at listening to what you need and turning your needs into displays that provide solutions and get results. The more refined your goals and objectives, the more your exhibit can be tailored to fit.

Already know they “whys” for your company’s trade show or event? Contact us today and we can get started working hard on an intelligent design for your trade show exhibit magic!

Call 800-742-6275 or click here to request a consultation, no obligation quote and free 3D rendering.

More ideas available at http://www.ISOframeExhibits.com

Check our Trade Show Season Smarts series next week for advice on successfully designing a trade show exhibit.

For more design ideas visit https://vimeo.com/markbricdisplay

 –By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp

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