Trade Show Exhibit: Refurbish or Repurchase?


Perhaps you are in the middle of another trade show season and it has been a few years since you bought your exhibit. Like most exhibitors in this situation, you find yourself pondering this question: refurbish or re-purchase? It is decision time!

Most exhibits last anywhere from three to seven years. When did you purchase your current exhibit? Has it been five yrs…or ten?  Chances are if your exhibit is that old, its life span is drawing to a close. Consider the wear and tear on your existing display? Is it in good shape?  Are the pieces falling apart?  Do you need to change the underlying structure? Or, can you keep it and just refresh your graphics? If structurally it is no longer sound…obviously it is time to repurchase.

Does it accurately reflect your company image and current branding? Has it gotten too beaten up for you to be proud to stand there? Refurbish if it is just a matter of old graphics. Keep the existing structure and update your pictures and your message, highlight a current promotion or new marketing focus, be in tandem with your social media push or springboard off a pop culture theme.  Don’t be afraid to give your exhibit a face lift!

Repurchase if your current exhibit shape, size and structure no longer meets your needs. Does it fit in the space you can afford? Does it fill the space you want? Do you have room to do product demos and meet with prospective clients one-on-one away from multiple simultaneous conversations?  If you currently do not have a modular exhibit, purchasing one might serve your needs better at future shows. Modular exhibits allow for re organizing display elements to meet specific needs at each show you attend as an exhibitor, and allows for changes to accommodate various shape and size exhibit booth spaces.

Think about your planned usage for the next few years. How many shows will you exhibit in? Consider that a new trade show display may bring added ROI; however, if you only have one show, maybe refurb will do for now.

Is your current exhibit easy to set up or does it consume too much staff energy and time?  Is it heavy and costing a fortune in shipping and drayage? Over the past several years lighter and easier to set up options  (modular displays would be one option) have evolved so a new display may actually quickly save you money.

What are the internal costs to repurchase vs refurb? Who are your decision makers and who will need to be involved with design for either option? What is your decision time line? Do you need to have your exhibit ready in three weeks or three months? Three weeks might be a tad tight for a completely new exhibit design but it is more than reasonable for a graphics only refurb.

Whichever route you take, consider working with Mark Bric Display. In-house graphic production makes refurb quick and easy. If you need to investigate purchasing a new trade show display, Mark Bric Display carries a full line of exhibit products from pop-up and modular displays to custom designed units. Mark Bric has a plethora of displays from which to select in order to achieve just the right fit for your company’s trade show marketing strategies & objectives as well as physical exhibit space and size needs.

The ISOframe line of intelligent exhibits offers lightweight framework, large-format, high-quality traditional or SEG fabric graphics, and boasts easy set-up with fast clamp technology (this means no tool assembly!) If you reinvest in a new exhibit, be sure to consider ISOframe’s modular exhibit options (like the ISOframe Wave) so that you can use the exhibit at varied venues with multiple booth space sizes and shapes. Down the road, choosing an ISOframe means, when the time comes to do this again, it is easy to refurbish your exhibit. ISOframe has a 10-year warranty; keep your underlying structure and just update your pictures and your marketing message. Giving your exhibit a face lift is simple and fun with our design staff to guide you through the process!

We have a stellar customer service and design team ready to work with your exhibit refurbish or purchase needs. Talk with a consultant today and get a free, full-color, 3D exhibit rendering and a no obligation quote. Decide, don’t wait, then call 800-742-6275 or click here today!

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– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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