5 Reasons You Need a Counter in Your Trade Show Exhibit Space


If you are still using simple folded leg tables in your trade show exhibit space, it is time to step it up and upgrade to a counter, or two, for your display. Why?

Here are 5 great reasons:

1.  Excellent location for greeting attendees.

Counters are traditionally taller than standard table tops and allow for your booth staff to comfortably stand and greet visitors. Don’t let your staff fall into the “sit down and wait” trap. With a counter to work with they are up and ready to engage. Plus, attendees won’t have to lean down to fill out lead information or to review your materials. Consider comfort for all and get a counter. ISObar (pictured above) is a perfect reception desk choice.

2. Functional work space and demo area

When you need to let show attendees get their hands on your products or get up close for a product demo – a counter is the perfect place to do it. If you need a large area, seek out something like the ISObar straight desk, which is a modular unit that can easily have additional sections connected to it to give you all the space you could possibly need. If you prefer a smaller, showcase pedestal idea for your design, you can show off products nicely with a counter with a smaller footprint such as the storage to counter hard case on wheels that works well with Ripple displays.  These counters also fit the bill for a place to engage and interact with potential sales leads too!


3. Provide room for branded graphics

Counters are not just work stations! Counters add more square footage to your display’s available graphics and branding space. Counters with graphic wraps can put your logo front and center and can also add another direction vantage point from which your logo and relevant graphics can be seen. Booth traffic comes from all directions so this is a plus! With an ISObar counter, you can even add attention grabbing lighting to these oversized graphic wrap options.

4. Clutter reducing storage option

You have invested too much time and money into attending your selected trade show just to have visitors turn away because your exhibit space looks sloppy and untidy. A counter, and its built in storage shelves and hidden space, is the perfect place to store personal belongings, extra promotional give-a-ways and surplus literature. No need to have boxes underfoot or cluttering up the table top. Want maximum storage area? Try the Expo Case counters or any of the ISObar standard counter units as they come equipped with inner shelves. Counters like these keep everything tidy and in place. If your giveaways are of significant value, locking storage counters are also an option.


5. Great addition to design form and function

Because counters come in many shapes, circular, oval, rectangular, horseshoe and even 90-degree elbow corners, they can also add an unexpected visual element to your booth space. Having too much empty space between the attendee aisle and your backwall can be too Spartan of a look. Adding a little visual jazz never hurts. With a counter, you are getting all the clutter reducing, brand enhancing, product demo and greeting area convenience with the added bonus of visually interesting form and function. If you have something very specific in mind, ask about custom counters.

If any of these reasons strikes a chord with you, get rid of the ugly folding table and find a counter or counter/case combo to fit in with your exhibit design and budget. Give Mark Bric’s customer support staff a call at 800-742-6275 and they’ll steer you in the right direction (yes, some of the case counters even have wheels) with many affordable counter choices for easily accessible (and locking if necessary) storage and multi-functional workspaces. Add a touch of sophistication to your exhibit today; check out a variety of counter options here.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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