Learning New Trade Show Exhibit Skills with Online Resources

computer mouse mentorWhen I was a child if I needed to learn how to do something new, I usually had to seek out someone older and wiser who had already learned the skill and ask them to teach me. This was true in academic pursuits, in recreational activities, and life skills.

At school, teachers, who were once taught by someone ahead of them on the journey, taught me to read, write and add. When I wanted to ride a bike, my parents facilitated learning with training wheels and a steady hand on the back of my bike seat until I was ready to go solo. We won’t mention the scream-heard-round-the-subdivision and the elbow stiches that occurred in the process. When I needed to learn how to drive a stick shift, I was blessed to know a crazy high school Spanish teacher who was kind enough to sit in the passenger seat of her Volkswagen Bug and allow me to grind a few gears until, with her instruction (fortunately in English), practice made perfect.

clock-tower-190677__340Time has elapsed and now I have children of my own. Things are different these days. If my children want to learn how to do something, they do not have to wait and seek out a flesh and blood mentor. They can, for better or for worse, go straight to the internet. My boys have mastered tying ties and bow ties, have replaced car headlights and taillights, and have even picked up a few guitar riffs in this virtual learning fashion.


We live in a generation of online information and DIY videos that have created many shade tree mechanics and Pinterest crafters. With a plethora of online information, advertising, and apps that make life almost too simple, it follows that the trade show display and exhibit arena should follow suit and offer more than just the traditional, technical-writing-and-diagram-on-paper versions of how to put exhibits together.

When you are seeking out which trade show display to purchase and with which exhibit company to work, you need to consider not just space limitations & budget criteria, but also ease of use, and the instructive installation support available from your exhibit company options.

Mark Bric Display is pleased to not just provide customized on-paper instructions for all of its modular and custom exhibits but also to provide free, full-color, 3D renderings of custom and modular exhibits to help you visualize what your new complete displays should look like when you’re finished with your set-up process.


More importantly, Mark Bric also offers not only video instruction but in person exhibit set-up training opportunities at our facility or yours if you feel your exhibit staff would benefit from it. Mark Bric ISOframe tool-free assembly displays are, by nature, inherently easy to set up and dismantle; but, we all know that a large number of people are visual learners and it is nice to have something to watch before, and during the hands-on assembly process. Watching in combination with doing is a formula that instills confidence. It’s like riding a bike; repetition brings perfection and makes the activity second nature.

So that your trade show exhibit experience is as easy as riding a bike and hopefully just as fun, we also have a very extensive “how-to” video bank on our vimeo and you tube page for most of our Intelligent Exhibiting trade show and display products. Some of my favorites are these:

We may not be able to help you learn how to tie a bow tie, but I am confident that we can help you choose the right exhibit for your trade show goals & objectives and that we can enable you to set it up quickly, just like a pro, in no time.

Please visit www.ISOframeExhibts.com to begin your new exhibit search and call us at 800-742-6275 or contact us via the web if we can assist in anyway. Remember we also have this great library of videos to further assist in your decision making process.


– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.


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