6 Questions to Ask Custom Exhibit Companies Before Building Your Display

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Researching and choosing the best trade show to attend is only part of the challenge in attracting potential customers. A significant portion of your investment and efforts will be spent in the creation of the right display to woo the vast potential audience that attends the trade show into your booth. In order for your exhibit to be effective in generating leads, you need to take care in selecting the right display designer and exhibit builder.

When choosing a custom exhibit building company to design and create your trade show booth be sure to ask:

How many years of experience does your company have?

If the company has been in business only a year or two be cautious. The trade show industry has a lot of details that need to be handled as well as a variety of rules and regulations. With experience comes wisdom. Try to select an exhibition company that has a least ten years of experience in the trade show and custom display building business.


Can you show me some examples of your work?

If the trade show and exhibit builder has been in the business a sufficient amount of time, they will have built up a portfolio of custom displays. Photos should be readily available for you to view; these could take the form of printed literature, catalogs, or photo galleries on a web site. You can also request recommendations, reviews or testimonials from previous and current exhibit clients.

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For which industries has your company done design and build work?

Select an organization that has not only a depth of knowledge but a breadth of experience. You want a design company that has perspective across more than one industry as this shows skill in implementing a variety of sales goals and objectives. You can ask to see exhibits from your industry specifically but do not limit display creativity; sometimes the best designs are cross-disciplinary and can bring fresh and interesting elements to your exhibit’s show performance.

What type of support is available?

Each exhibit display company does things differently and offers varied levels of support. The level of support you desire is a personal decision. Evaluate display companies based on the amount of support that you need to feel comfortable. Do you need phone support? Do you want someone on site when you exhibit? Do you need videos on how to set-up and tear down? Do you need paper instructions to travel with the booth? Do you want the exhibiting company to walk you through a hands on set-up of your exhibit prior to the show? Talk to the exhibit firm to see what is offered in their support mix.

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Does your company handle more than the logistics of building the exhibit?

You need to consider who will store, ship, install and dismantle your exhibit. Perhaps you are at a point where you want to do this yourself now, but later, as your program expands you may want the option to delegate and outsource these responsibilities. Ask your prospective exhibit builder if they have storage for your displays between show and if they can coordinate shipping for you. Be sure to inquire about various installation and dismantle services too. These are valuable because it saves your sales staff’s time and energy prior to the show itself.

How custom will my booth be?

Everyone wants a booth unique to their products and promotions. Be sure to ask about integrating audio visual, lightboxes, product showcase elements and any other unique nuances to truly create a custom exhibit. Keep in mind, however, one and done is not always the most economical. In the world of trade shows it is good to have custom larger booths built in a somewhat modular format as to be able to reuse or rearrange display components for smaller or varied size exhibit formats. A skilled exhibit and display design team will work with you from your largest to smallest exhibit needs and make suggestions on how to incorporate re-usable custom components in an inviting lead generating way.

Selecting the ideal custom display company doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Ask the right questions and you’ll be able to discern which company will be the best fit to work with you to accomplish your goals and objectives within your allotted budget parameters.

Mark Bric Display can lend valuable insight to the custom display building process since we have been in the exhibit design and booth creation industry for over 30 years. We are very aware of trade show trends and exhibition nuances that can propel your marketing program to new heights. We also have an expansive background having served both business to business and business to consumer companies. Our industry portfolio includes, but of course has not been limited to, a variety of medical, optical, cosmetic, food, automotive and heavy industrial clients. With your intimate knowledge of your business and our exhibit expertise, we can create a custom booth that will engage attendees specific to your industry.

Mark Bric Display’s support for helping your staff understanding your custom exhibit is stellar. Personal phone support, how to videos, hands on training and traditional instruction sheets provide well rounded education for maximized show experiences. Our options for warehouse storage, shipping as well as on-site installation & dismantling packages are varied to suit a variety of involvement levels and fiduciary constraints.

At Mark Bric Display, our highly skilled and innovative exhibit design team works closely with our clients to devise completely custom displays with interactive elements and stunning graphics (whether it be traditional, fabric or light boxes) in a format to suit all of your exhibition booth requirements.

 – By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.

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