Custom Exhibits – An Affordable Trade Show Display Option

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Custom exhibits are not as cost prohibitive as you might think.

When people think custom, typically their mind goes straight to “more expensive”. We need to change that paradigm in the trade show industry. A custom exhibit should mean higher quality, better met needs, and a more precise tool to meet sales & marketing goals. It does not have to translate to more expensive. Perhaps the first step in changing this mindset is to think in terms of value not price when selecting a direction for your trade show and exhibit program.

Many exhibit sellers offer a set “menu” of exhibit designs and layouts – no changes, no à la cart options. Is this the best way to advance your sales & marketing endeavors?  Why choose limitations set up by a third party? Why not get exactly what you want and be able to add features that meet your unique marketing needs. Going with a pre-packaged display unit may actually cost you more because you are spending money for things you do not want or need. So, forget cookie cutter exhibits. Seek out an exhibit provider who is willing to listen and to take the extra time and effort to work diligently toward a custom trade show display that will result in a tool that can facilitate what you need to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to advocate for the best display options to create excitement, get customer attention, and meet your sales and marketing targets.

CUSTOM_ISOFRAME-DM_Redfern 2CUSTOM_NRS Healthcare - Pharmacy Show and Trade Days 2014_DM

Customization could be as simple as adding an audiovisual mount and computer table along an exhibit’s backwall to facilitate your looping video presentation. It can involve constructing specialized meeting areas or an enclosed conference room, or perhaps involve integrating an intricate custom product display within a modular stock free standing counter.


Don’t shy away from asking for what you really want. Custom exhibits add value to your program and can increase overall trade show ROI when done well.


Mark Bric Display’s custom modular exhibit system, ISOframe ,  is the perfect foundation for meeting all manner of custom display requests and creating all size customized trade show exhibits. Mark Bric Display is experienced in customizing displays for exhibition booths from small 10’ x 10’ exhibits up to those that are larger than 400 Sq. ft.

Give us a call at 800-742-6275 or click here today if you want to know more about ISOframe Custom exhibit options.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.



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