Trade Show Season – Need to Know

When someone tells me they are headed to their first trade show and then asks for advice, the amount of vital information running around in my brain gleaned over the past 25 years in the industry as an exhibitor, marketing consultant, and trade show exhibit producer is almost too voluminous to summarize. I wish I could just hand them a thumb drive with a download of my brain…well, just the relevant parts not that goofy story I wrote in college called something like, “My Life as an Oreo Cookie”.  An intelligent download of experience would definitely save them some research time and ease their personal learning curve for creating crowd-drawing, return-on-investment-inducing trade show displays, as well as learning to juggle exhibit staff training and  navigating all of the necessary trade show logistics they will face in the coming months.

This info-graphic might help some with alleviating some of their stress and anxiety. If nothing else, it will help them to start asking the right questions of themselves, their supervisors, their staff and the trade show management company.

Creating The Perfect Trade Show Exhibit

 Info-graphic from Visually.

– See more at:

For the most part, this info-graphic is on point. I might take issue with one or two things. For example, a custom booth or custom modular booth may not actually “cost more”. If you have multiple shows and plan for them, using a custom modular booth , such as the type that can be created from Mark Bric Display’s ISOframe Wave system, can actually save you money over the course of several shows. All you have to do is rearrange your existing components (or modules) for different booth shapes and sizes and perhaps choose a few (not all) graphic panels to refine your message to the new audience. Certainly re-using and re-configuring in this manner is eco-friendlier and, more often than not, more wallet & budget friendly.

Exhibiting at trade shows in general can cause stress. At Mark Bric Display our job is to take away as much as that stress for you as we can.  We are very good listeners and would love to talk with you about your specific trade show goals & objectives and then design the perfect display for your exhibition. You can ask us about a free, 3D, full-color rendering so you can have the comfort of the “see it before you buy it” assurance too!

We want to go above and beyond with every client with which we partner; so, if you need us to ship & store your exhibit, do set-up & tear down (commonly called installation & dismantle in trade show lingo), we can do that too. Let’s talk soon and get all your trade show concerns taken care of so that your trade show experiences are profitable and worth repeating!

 –By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp.



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