Everyone who has ever attended a trade show knows they should qualify leads. It’s just that the HOW to qualify leads at a trade show can be overwhelming. The first advice we have for taking some of the stress out of at-show lead qualification is to plan in advance how you will do it. What are your criteria? Who are the decision makers for this?

Adopt a process that suits your company. There are a number of models (i.e. BANT) on how to qualify a lead, but you need one that works for you.

To that end these 10 Tips from our friends at Exhibitor Magazine simplify this process for you:

  1. Organize a Plan of Attack
  2. Define Your Target Audience
  3. Appoint a Lead Sheriff
  4. Establish a Scoring System
  5. E-mail Your Attendees
  6. Determine Cost Per Lead
  7. Help Sales Avoid the Cold Call
  8. Keep an Eye On Your Leads
  9. Don’t Abandon Dead Leads
  10. Commit to Taking Action

Hopefully breaking the process down into manageable steps (to read the details for each of these-click the link above) reduces your show anxiety and brings clarity and confidence to your exhibit marketing program. Did you know that 79 percent of trade show leads go unfulfilled? Don’t be a statistic! Make a plan now, so that your leads get qualified at the show so that post-show follow-up is easy! Remember, bottom line is this: You never have good ROI from trade shows if you drop the ball on lead follow-up. Lead follow-up is one area you cannot afford to “fail to plan”.

Be sure your lead qualification system and criteria fit into your trade show exhibit’s design. Let us help. Call and talk to us about what you are trying to achieve and we can ensure that your sales goals and objectives get worked into the initial design thought process. Ask us for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote – we’ll give you a free, 3D, full-color rendering of an exhibit design that will work for you. Call 800-742-6275 or contact us here.

 Check our Trade Show Season Smarts series next week for advice on trade show lead follow-up.

 For more design ideas visit: www.ISOframeExhibits.com or www.MarkBricDisplay.com

 & https://vimeo.com/markbricdisplay

 –By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional for Mark Bric Display Corp

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