CASE STUDY: Matador chooses ISOframe Fabric Custom to attract adventure travelers.


There is a lot of distractions on the trade show floor, specially on shows where active adventures and travelers populate the isles.  There are also a lot of shows in this market and one size does not fit all.

Meet Matador of Boulder Co. and their Packable Adventure Travel Gear

This remarkable company also has a remarkable story; read about it here:

CASE STUDY: Matador chooses ISOframe Fabric Custom to attack adventure travelers.

Problem: attract attention to a unique product in a crowded trade show floor

Solution: Mark Bric Display creatively incorporated ISOframe Fabric, custom structure colors and custom printed graphics to create an exhibit that is attractive, easy to setup and breakdown, and can be easily reconfigured in a number of ways to fit present and future needs depending on floor spaces and show location.

Matador even incorporated an ISOframe wall system that simply attached to the main wall with Fast Clamps, and covered it up with decorative slat wall bricks to carefully and orderly exhibit and organize their products in the booth even with the constant handling of it by booth staffers and attendees.  Matador products need to be experienced, so having them available for the visitor to handle, was a very important goal that was easily achieved by the design of the booth.


The final result can be best summarized by Chris Clearman of Matador who told us: “The all-black look was a huge hit.  It really made a statement and highlighted the product well.  We sent quite a few potential customers your way as well.  Everything looked great!”

Thank you Chris!

For more information about Matador and their remarkable product line, please visit their website

To learn more about ISOframe exhibits, please visit

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