Large Format Graphics Vocab Primer: Is This Guy Speaking Greek?


Large Format Graphics Vocab Primer:  Is This Guy Speaking Greek? 

At Mark Bric we provide attractive, quality signage, banner and display graphics for trade show and retail markets with fabric, polyester, vinyl and a variety of rigid substrates. Even though terminology for the various materials and processes can get confusing, we promise to make getting what you need simple. There is as much science as there is art in making high quality graphics; and with science, comes terminology.  Because this vocabulary is not something we hear or use every day, here is a quick bite-size primer for you:

Hopefully, next time you are on the phone with your graphics guy, which we hope is one of our Mark Bric graphic gurus, this will help you feel less like he is speaking geek…oops, I mean Greek.

– By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display

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