Stone Becomes as Light as Fabric

Stone Becomes as Light as Fabric


Back in the early 90’s I worked for an engineering company that manufactured terminal blocks – I could explain what they are and what they do but you’d probably zone out in the first minute or so as they are seemingly irrelevant in the lives of most folks and are rarely a topic of conversation at any social gathering. My role at the time was Communications Manager and one of my responsibilities was to handle all things pertaining to the annual trade show schedule. This meant everything from marketing strategy and staff training down through the nitty-gritty of the what used to be the dreaded binder of paperwork to order labor, lights and everything and anything else you could possible imagine. Thankfully, these days, that is all more easily accomplished online!

Being new to the industry then, I was overly impressed with our behemoth sized booth and large multiple backlit graphic panels. We had what is most commonly called a “custom booth”.  It was huge! But unfortunately, it was very, very heavy and expensive. It took more than a day to set up …and that was with multiple people from our company plus hired laborers. It also cost a fortune to ship; heavy wooden crates made the surrounding aisles look like an 84 Lumber had set up shop in the middle of the exhibit hall! Changes to the backlit graphics were expensive and storing old “transparencies” was space consuming. Still, once it was up and the lights were turned on it was impressive.

Today, you could not pay me to go back to that overpriced, heavy, cumbersome, time consuming set-up and tear down, shipping nightmare. Why? Well, with the availability of systems such as Mark Bric Display’s ISOframe there is no need to struggle, or spend a fortune on display materials and shipping anymore. There are comparable solutions that give you that same custom look for a reasonable price and can outfit a larger exhibit space with a tool-free assembly display – which means low installation time and expense.  Hurray for turn of the century innovation!

Are you tired of heavy displays? Need something easier? Check this out… you can even get the look of stone or wood with the weight of just fabric! No more struggling with heavy displays and exhibits, no more lugging heavy materials around. No more expensive shipping and drayage. Best of all no more multi-day set-up. The ISOframe silicone edge tension fabric system allows you to print any look onto fabric and pair it with its lightweight easy-to-ship and easy-to-assemble sturdy aluminum framework. Tool-free assembly really makes the Mark Bric Display ISOframe Fabric system ideal for anywhere you need it to be whether that’s a retail environment or a trade show. ISOframe even has lightweight backlit fabric lightboxes – no heavy glass transparencies needed. Quick easy SEG fabric provides rich graphic quality for your large lightboxes in minutes! With an ISOframe system you can achieve installation of a custom trade show look in only a few hours (or less)! Call 800-742-6275 or visit to get started.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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