Strong Move to Soft Fabric Signage

Strong Move to Soft Fabric Signage


Printing News’ Wide-Format & Signage magazine recently released it’s state of the industry issue and Mark Bric Display was super excited to see half of the publication’s articles focused on soft-signage or what we like to call fabric displays. An article entitled 2016 State of the Industry noted the trend in marketing campaigns toward a “mobile-first” strategy, where displays from the print channel are complementary and not primary; then it further detailed that the current print choice, especially in high end retailers, is migrating away from vinyl and moving toward fabric signage. Mark Bric Display understands the goal is customer engagement in the retail environment – mobile may get them there, but fabric signage will direct and positively influence in store activity.

Fabric displays  not only increase profit, but also play a role in reducing costs for retailers. As Tim Green, Research Director at IDC, puts it, fabric displays help “limit their cost for transportation and disposal…”. Green adds, “…we’re seeing more soft signage on fabric. I notice that in a lot of the places where I go – airports, shopping centers, trade shows, etc.”

Tension fabric solutions are easily produced, easy to ship, and minimize the impact on the environment (much greener than its PVC counterpart). Another benefit, pointed out in this particular article by Mimaki USA’s VP of Marketing and Operations, “Fabric also reduces shipping costs as it is lightweight and can be packaged more efficiently.”

We challenge you to look around at any trade show – notice how many fabric displays you see. Now think back to five years ago; the trend is clear. The industry is migrating to soft-signage options in both the trade show and high end retail environments because of fabric’s premium appearance. When you couple the high end, almost museum quality, visual appeal of fabric with its benefits to the environment, its ease of storage, shipping and re-use, the choice becomes obvious.

The move in the industry to soft signage is a trend of wisdom. If you have yet to investigate the realm of tension SEG (Silicone Edged Graphic) fabric display options, why wait any longer? Mark Bric Display’s ISOframe display family includes ISOframe fabric which encompasses trade show displays, retail signage (both mounted and free standing), as well as backlit light boxes in almost unlimited sizes that are sure to be an enhancement to your customer engagement programs both at trade shows and in retail environments. Not sure where to start? Call us at 800-742-6275 or contact us here.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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