Eye-Catching Displays Make the News


ACU_PRINT_Five Star_ISOFRAME_ripple and customWhen your local paper sends out a writer to do a piece on manufacturers and businesses of interest in the area, open your doors to them!

We were pleased with the press space garnered by our spectacular “eye-catching” trade show exhibits that were created for our stellar clients.

Enjoy this brief article and photos in The Progress Index which appeared in the Sunday, March 26th paper and on-line as seen here.

Mark Bric Display’s strong suit is listening to our clients and designing custom and custom modular trade shows for their specific exhibit needs. We are mindful of tight timelines and offer trade show and exhibit shipping and on site installation if a client chooses those services. Mark Bric practices intelligent exhibiting from the first conversations with our client, through our unique, free 3-D exhibit renderings, all the way down to our nitty-gritty show logisitics services.

PS:  We do realize that the article mentioned has a few minor issues/errors; for example Ed Marquez, not Gert Johansson, is the current President of Mark Bric Display, USA. That said, we know all reporters are different and have different styles of doing their jobs. In our opinion all reporters should be taking notes and asking questions. If they don’t, you may have to help them along a little bit. Be prepared and send fact sheets and relevant info that you’d like to see featured, even photos if necessary. In the end the press has final say on what they choose to include, but often making their job easy pays off.  Again, this article in The Progress Index contains a few minor errors, but the encouragement to choose Mark Bric ISOframe is not one of them!

For more info see www.ISOframeExhibits.com


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