5 Must Have Items In Your Tabletop Exhibit


1 Great Graphics

No matter which style of tabletop exhibit you select you must have a great graphic as a feature element of your display. A simple, large, clear image is the most effective way to make a memorable impression. Too many images on a small tabletop exhibit surface area reduces the size of each graphic and creates a cluttered, and sometimes chaotic, impression which becomes a poor backdrop for your message. Product images or service action shots can be very effective. If you do not have such an image, consider using stock photography or hiring a photographer to create one for you.


2 Company Name & Logo

Who the heck are you anyway? If this is not apparent in a glance, you have failed to quickly and advantageously connect with your targeted audience. Chances are, you are paying good money to be at the show; so, let’s be sure folks know YOU are there. Be sure your logo and name are clearly visible no matter what type of graphic you select. Some tabletop displays feature header panels; these are an ideal place to showcase a name and logo.


3 Catchy & Brief Headline

Again, because tabletop displays are smaller in nature and attendees at shows are moving traffic, the best advice is to KISS (Keep it Short and Sweet…or if you prefer the usual more negative way of saying things, Keep It Simple Stupid!). Your headline could be an identifying company tag line or a hint to a promising show promotion. Either way, if your headline is quick, relevant and potentially even humorous, you stand a better chance of an attendee’s cursory glance turning into a lingering look and ultimately a conversation that you can turn into a sale on the spot or future business.


4 Key Features/Main Points

If you weren’t standing in the booth ready to engage in a conversation, what two thoughts would you want the show attendee to remember about you from your display? Now, how can you briefly state that. Get those items worked into the display design in a clear legible font. Think bullet points. Less is more! If your main unit is not conducive to this, remember, if space allows, you can always add peripheral elements, such as banner stands, to include these items. You want to give your audience just enough information to make them ask questions and engage in dialogue so you can find out which of your products and services meet their current needs.


5 Website Address

If you do not have a website…you need to get one. In this day and age, it is an unwritten rule that a website and some level of social media is expected from a business.  Assuming you have one, display it! Do so clearly and in a reading friendly font; attendees need to know this information. If your web address is not included on your display, be sure your company name and logo are visible so folks can google you later! Then, also be sure to include your web address in your collateral material, such as literature and giveaways. You should also reference your web address in your post show follow up emails and mailings.

Have a tabletop trade show or fair coming up soon and need assistance? Check out the Mark Bric selections at www.MarkBricDisplay.com and give our helpful customer service department a call at 800-742-6275 They’ll get you taken care of with style!


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