About Exhibit Graphics…The Fabric Trend Continues



Back in 2015, Sign & Digital Graphics magazine ran an article entitled “Trade Show Booth Trends” that began with these words:

“The most obvious trend for trade show exhibits continues to be innovative methods for using dye sublimated printed fabric graphics.

The exhibit manufacturers are creating more and more systems, generally utilizing aluminum extrusions that accept silicon edged graphics. The advantages of using printed fabric graphics are the light weight of the graphic panels, which are often used as the actual wall surfaces. Since the fabric walls may simply be folded or rolled up, SEG graphic panels allow for much smaller, or fewer shipping containers, either molded cases with wheels, ATA cases, or wood crates, depending on the over-all size of the exhibit.”

At that time, Mark Bric Display was ahead of the trend and already offering it’s ISOframe Fabric exhibit system. Who knew we’d be trendsetters? The entire article itself is a great read as it outlines a number of fabric options that we at Mark Bric Display believe in wholeheartedly, including the aforementioned dye-sub printed SEG fabric exhibits, fabric backlit light boxes, as well as tension fabric units and tube frame pillow case style display units.

It’s been 2 years since the Sign & Digital Graphics article; it is clear now that fabric displays were not a fickle fad! Fabric exhibits are here to stay. If you have not yet investigated how fabric displays can reinvigorate your trade show program, now is the time.

It is not just about changing the face of your display it is also about changing the way you do trade shows. Fabric folds small, ships light and sets up and tears down quickly.  Exhibitor magazine, in an Exhibitor Q&A entitled Exhibit Fabric,  commented,

… fabric/system hybrids are lighter weight than traditional rigid panels, which means they cut costs on transportation and drayage. Plus, while fabrics can rip and stain, they’re generally more durable in the long term compared to solid panels, which are easily chipped, scratched, delaminated, etc.”

Face it, using fabric in your exhibit program can affect positive change financially, and in time & energy expenditure.

If you are considering creating a new display, or reinvigorating your old display plan, Mark Bric Display, who had fabric exhibit offerings even before the trend became hot, is a great resource for fabric exhibit options in all sizes, from banner size to custom exhibits, at all price points. Jumping on the fabric display bandwagon is not a risk…the band still plays on!

When you are ready, let Mark Bric share numerous ways to incorporate fabric into your program. Start by checking out these spots ISOframe Fabric & ISOframe Exhibits then call 800-742-6275 so we can steer you in the right direction for your needs, goals and available budget.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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